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Aquatic Fungi

Chapter published 2 Dec 2011 in The Dynamical Processes of Biodiversity - Case Studies of Evolution and Spatial Distribution

Authors: Wurzbacher Christian, Kerr Janice, Grossart Hans-Peter

Combining the 5.8S and ITS2 gene regions to improve classification of fungi

Posted Content published 5 Feb 2019

Authors: Felix Heeger, Christian Wurzbacher, Elizabeth C. Bourne, Camila J. Mazzoni, Michael T. Monaghan

Figure 1 from: Anslan S, Nilsson RH, Wurzbacher C, Baldrian P, Tedersoo L, Bahram M (2018) Great differences in performance and outcome of high-throughput sequencing data analysis platforms for fungal metabarcoding. MycoKeys 39: 1-40.

Component published 10 Sep 2018

Authors: Sten Anslan, R. Henrik Nilsson, Christian Wurzbacher, Petr Baldrian, Leho Tedersoo, Mohammad Bahram

Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds

Book published 16 Jan 2004

Editors: Tilmann Wurzbacher


Chapter published 16 Jan 2004 in Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds

Editors: Tilmann Wurzbacher

Can paid reviews promote scientific quality and offer novel career perspectives for young scientists?

Posted Content published 25 Nov 2016

Authors: Christian Wurzbacher, Hans-Peter Grossart, Erik Kristiansson, Henrik R Nilsson, Martin Unterseher

High habitat-specificity in fungal communities of an oligo-mesotrophic, temperate lake

Posted Content published 3 Jun 2016

Authors: Christian Wurzbacher, Norman Warthmann, Elizabeth Bourne, Katrin Attermeyer, Martin Allgaier, Jeff R Powell, Harald Detering, Susan Mbedi, Hans-Peter Grossart, Michael T Monaghan

Large shifts among eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea define the vertical organization of a lake sediment

Posted Content published 4 Jun 2016

Authors: Christian Wurzbacher, Andrea Fuchs, Katrin Attermeyer, Katharina Frindte, Hans-Peter Grossart, Michael Hupfer, Peter Casper, Michael T Monaghan

Metabarcoding of unfractionated water samples relates phyto-, zoo- and bacterioplankton dynamics and reveals a single-taxon bacterial bloom

Posted Content published 13 Jun 2016

Authors: Christian Wurzbacher, Katrin Attermeyer, Marie Therese Kettner, Clara Flintrop, Norman Warthmann, Sabine Hilt, Hans-Peter Grossart, Michael T Monaghan

Combination technology of deep drawing and back-moulding for plastic/metal hybrid components

Journal Article published 26 Jul 2018 in Journal of Polymer Engineering volume 38 issue 6 on pages 583 to 589

Authors: Christian Hopmann, Julian Schild, Simon Wurzbacher, A. Erman Tekkaya, Sigrid Hess