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Sport, Bewegung und kardiovaskuläre Prävention

Chapter published 26 Nov 2013 in Aktiv und Gesund? on pages 195 to 217

Authors: Christina Bock

A Graphene "MnO

Conference Paper published 2011

Authors: Philippe G. Perret, Patrick R. Malenfant, Christina Bock, Barry MacDougall

Preparation and Characterization of DMFC Electrodes and MEAs

Conference Paper published 2009 in ECS Transactions

Authors: Xinzhong Xue, Christina Bock, Barry MacDougall, David Kingston

Characteristics of Cubic and Tetragonal Pt

Conference Paper published 2011

Authors: Liang Chen, Christina Bock, Barry MacDougall, Patrick H. J. Mercier

Catalyst Synthesis Techniques

Chapter published in PEM Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts and Catalyst Layers on pages 447 to 485

Authors: Christina Bock, Helga Halvorsen, Barry MacDougall

Stabilization and Characterization of Pt Nanoparticles on HOPG

Conference Paper published 2008 in ECS Transactions

Authors: Helga C. Halvorsen, Christina Bock, Barry MacDougall, Dashan Wang

Power & Politics

Chapter published 2015 in Human Resource Management on pages 39 to 50

Authors: Carina Cohrs, Christina Bock, Jens Rowold

Austerity, community action, and the future of citizenship

Monograph published 6 Sep 2017

Editors: Shana Cohen, Christina Fuhr, Jan-Jonathan Bock

Preschools’ Friendliness Toward Physical Activity

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in American Journal of Preventive Medicine volume 46 issue 6 on pages 593 to 604

Authors: Claudia S. Dörr, Christina Bock, Joachim E. Fischer, Freia De Bock

Phylogenetic position of Coronastrum ellipsoideum and description of Parachlorella hussii sp. nov.

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2011 in Biologia volume 66 issue 4

Authors: Christina Bock, Marie Pažoutová, Lothar Krienitz