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Herpetofauna, Parc National des Volcans, North Province, Republic of Rwanda

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2010 in Check List volume 6 issue 4 on page 525

Authors: Corey E. Roelke, Eric N. Smith

Tadpole of the Frog, Leptopelis karissimbensis, from Rwanda (Anura: Arthroleptidae)

Journal Article published Jun 2009 in Journal of Herpetology volume 43 issue 2 on pages 362 to 366

Authors: Corey E. Roelke, Roshanak Mehdibeigi, Eric N. Smith

Analyzing the relationship between sequence divergence and nodal support using Bayesian phylogenetic analyses

Journal Article published Nov 2010 in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution volume 57 issue 2 on pages 485 to 494

Authors: Robert Makowsky, Christian L. Cox, Corey Roelke, Paul T. Chippindale

The fitness consequences of the autotomous blue tail in lizards: an empirical test of predator response using clay models

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in Zoology volume 115 issue 5 on pages 339 to 344

Authors: Charles M. Watson, Corey E. Roelke, Paul N. Pasichnyk, Christian L. Cox

Systematics and Conservation Status of Two Distinct Albertine Rift Treefrogs, Leptopelis karissimbensis and Leptopelis kivuensis (Anura: Arthroleptidae)

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in Journal of Herpetology volume 45 issue 3 on pages 343 to 351

Authors: Corey E. Roelke, Eli Greenbaum, Chifundera Kusamba, Mwenebatu M. Aristote, Eric N. Smith

Phylogeography and lineage-specific patterns of genetic diversity and molecular evolution in a group of North American skinks

Journal Article published 7 Aug 2015 in Biological Journal of the Linnean Society volume 116 issue 4 on pages 819 to 833

Research funded by National Science Foundation (Grant DEB-0613802) | University of Texas Arlington

Authors: Matthew A. Moseley, Christian L. Cox, Jeffrey W. Streicher, Corey E. Roelke, Paul T. Chippindale

Biogeography, phylogeny, and morphological evolution of central Texas cave and spring salamanders

Journal Article published 2013 in BMC Evolutionary Biology volume 13 issue 1 on page 201

Authors: Nathan F Bendik, Jesse M Meik, Andrew G Gluesenkamp, Corey E Roelke, Paul T Chippindale

The relative utility of sequence divergence and phylogenetic informativeness profiling in phylogenetic study design

Journal Article published Jan 2013 in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution volume 66 issue 1 on page 437

Authors: Robert Makowsky, Christian L. Cox, Corey E. Roelke, Paul T. Chippindale

Corey-Fuchs Reaction

Entry published 15 Sep 2010 in Comprehensive Organic Name Reactions and Reagents

Final Environmental Assessment 403rd Avionics Shop Relocation Project

Report published 27 Jun 2003

Authors: Larry Lewis, Julie Speetjens, Lynn Roelke, Dax Alexander