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Noise-reduction capabilities of a Raman-mediated wavelength converter

Journal Article published 15 Apr 2003 in Optics Letters volume 28 issue 8 on page 634

Authors: David Dahan, Alberto Bilenca, Gadi Eisenstein

Variación Estacional de un Ensamble de Aves en un Bosque Subtropical Semiárido del Chaco Argentino1

Journal Article published 2004 in BIOTROPICA volume 36 issue 4 on page 544

Authors: Mariano Codesido, David Bilenca

A Cellphone Polarizing Microscope for Malaria Detection

Conference Paper published 2013 in CLEO: 2013

Authors: Itay Remer, Alberto Bilenca

Noise properties of quantum dot optical amplifiers

Conference Paper published 2004 in Optical Amplifiers and Their Applications/Integrated Photonics Research

Authors: Alberto Bilenca, Gadi Eisenstein

Noise reduction capabilities of a Raman-mediated wavelength converter

Conference Paper published in Journal of Lightwave Technology

Authors: D. Dahan, A. Bilenca, G. Eisenstein

High-Speed Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Profilometry

Conference Paper published 2016 in Frontiers in Optics 2016

Authors: Itay Remer, Lear Cohen, Alberto Bilenca

Depth-Resolved Nanoscopic Single Particle Tracking based on Fluorescence Phase-Shifting Interferometry

Conference Paper published 2013 in CLEO: 2013

Authors: Elad Arbel, Alberto Bilenca

Interspecific Social Relationships in Three Murid Rodent Species of Central Argentina, After Fasting and Unlimited Food

Journal Article published 1995 in Behaviour volume 132 issue 11-12 on pages 811 to 820

Authors: David N. Bilenca, Fernando O. Kravetz, Gerardo R. Cueto

Seasonal variations in small mammal-landscape associations in temperate agroecosystems: a study case in Buenos Aires province, central Argentina

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2012 in mammalia volume 76 issue 4

Authors: Carlos M. González Fischer, Germán Baldi, Mariano Codesido, David Bilenca

Nest Building by Monk ParakeetsMyiopsitta monachusin Urban Parks in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Are Tree Species Used Randomly?

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Ardeola volume 62 issue 2 on pages 323 to 333

Authors: Ivana P. Romero, Mariano Codesido, David N. Bilenca