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Preliminary study of cationic copolymerization of ?-methyl-styrene and isobutyl vinyl ether I

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1979 in Polymer Bulletin

Authors: Prakash D. Trivedi

A study of the Newmark sliding block displacement functions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2013 in Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering

Authors: Gwo-Shyang Hwang | Cheng-Hsing Chen

Microsurgical clipping of anterior circle of willis aneurysms: a retrospective study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 March 2017 in Bagcilar Medical Bulletin

Authors: Burak Eren | Feyza Karagoz Guzey | Murat Yucel | Ogur Yusuf Aktas | Abdurrahim Tas | Azmi Tufan | Mustafa Safi Vatansever | Ilker Gulec | Ebru Doruk | Mustafa Ornek

Cross-sectional Study of Glutamate in the Anterior Cingulate and Hippocampus in Schizophrenia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2016 in Schizophrenia Bulletin

Authors: Jürgen Gallinat | Kibby McMahon | Simone Kühn | Florian Schubert | Martin Schaefer

A New Route for the Preparation of Pyrazolo[4,3-c]pyridines

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 1973 in Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan

Authors: Abdou Ahmed El-sayed | Masaki Ohta

Studies on the Intermittent Lubrication System of Axial Piston Pumps and Motors : Report 2, Design Theory and Experimental Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1973 in Bulletin of JSME

Authors: Hiroshi KOSODO

Nutritional Assessment of Patients With Schizophrenia: A Preliminary Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2003 in Schizophrenia Bulletin

Authors: M. Strassnig | J. S. Brar | R. Ganguli

The Philosophic Mind: A Study of Wordworth's Poetry and Thought, 1797-1805

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1973 in The South Central Bulletin

Authors: George H. Gilpin | Alan Grob

The Temperature Measurement of Die : Study on Die Casting of Ferrous Alloys, 1st Report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1973 in Bulletin of JSME

Authors: Yukio HAGA | Akio IWAGAMI | Kiyoshi NISHIMOTO | Toshio ASAEDA

The Modeling Aspects of GATE A report of a Study Conference, Tallahassee,1 24–27 January 1973

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 1973 in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Authors: David R. Rodenhuis

Synthesis characterization rheological and morphological study of a new epoxy resin pentaglycidyl ether pentaphenoxy of phosphorus and their composite (PGEPPP/MDA/PN)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2019 in Polymer Bulletin

Authors: Rachid Hsissou | Mohamed Berradi | Mehdi El Bouchti | Abderrahim El Bachiri | Ahmed El Harfi

Newman's chamber models in the study of blood circulation through the liver and heart

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1973 in Bulletin of Mathematical Biology


The body self-awareness among women practicing fitness: a preliminary study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2015 in Polish Psychological Bulletin

Authors: Anna Brytek-Matera | Anna Kozieł

Business Communications in the High School

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1970 in ABCA Bulletin

Study on Pulsations of Reciprocating Compressor Piping Systems : 1st Report, Calculation of Natural Frequency of Complicated Piping Systems

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1973 in Bulletin of JSME

Authors: Toshiyuki SAKAI | Shogo SAEKI

A Study on the Hydraulic Copying System : Part 3, Flow Addition by a Displacement type Flow Generator

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1982 in Bulletin of JSME

Authors: Eizo URATA | Makoto HARA

Synthesis of 2-furfurylmaleimide and preliminary study of its Diels-Alder polycondensation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 April 1998 in Polymer Bulletin

Authors: Cecile Goussé | Alessandro Gandini

Neglected developmental variables in the study of species identification in birds.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1973 in Psychological Bulletin

Authors: Gilbert Gottlieb

Preliminary Study of Source Beds in Late Mesozoic Rocks on West Side of Sacramento Valley, California

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1934 in AAPG Bulletin

A Preliminary Study of Somatic Embryogenesis of <I>Phyllostachys violascens In Vitro</I>


Authors: Pei Haiyan | Lin Xinchun | Fang Wei | Huang Lichun