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Course and termination of fibres from the nucleus Z of the medulla oblongata. An experimental light microscopical study in the cat

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: Gunnar Grant | Jo¨rgen Boivie | Herbert Silfvenius

Deriving angular displacement from optic flow: a fMRI study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2009 in Experimental Brain Research

Authors: Volker Diekmann | Reinhart Jürgens | Wolfgang Becker

Accessory innervation of mandibular anterior teeth in cats: a horseradish peroxidase study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1984 in Brain Research

Authors: Stephen Wilson | Priscilla I. Johns | Peter M. Fuller

An experimental light and electron microscopic study of cerebellorubral projections in the opossum, Didelphis marsupialis virginiana

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: James S. King | Richard M. Dom | Jacqueline B. Conner | George F. Martin

Effect of chronic administration of nicotine on acetylcholinesterase activity in the hypothalamus and medulla oblongata of the rat brain. An ultrastructural study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: Ping-Lung Chang | B. Bhagat | John J. Taylor

Quantitative study of anatomical distribution of respiration related neurons in the pons

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1973 in Experimental Brain Research

Authors: F. Bertrand | A. Hugelin | J.F. Vibert

A light and electron microscopic study of rat anterior pituitary in organotypic tissue culture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1972 in Brain Research

Authors: Murray B. Bornstein | Georges Pelletier | Jack Stern

Anterior thalamic nucleus stimulation: issues in study design

BOOK CHAPTER published 26 August 2020 in Deep Brain Stimulation and Epilepsy

Authors: Robert S Fisher

Lindane may enhance nocturnal pinealN-acetyltransferase activity via β-adrenergic receptors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1991 in Brain Research

Authors: A.M. Attia | B.A. Richardson | C. Rodriguez | M.H. Mostafa | S.A. Soliman | A.H. El-Sebae | R.J. Reiter

Hemispheric differences in normal human subjects: further evidence from study of reaction time to lateralized visual stimuli

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: C. Umiltà | G. Rizzolatti | C.A. Marzi | G. Zamboni | C. Franzini | R. Camarda | G. Berlucchi

Differentiation of astrocytes in the cerebellar cortex and the pyramidal tracts of the newborn rat. An immunofluorescence study with antibodies to a protein specific to astrocytes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: A. Bignami | D. Dahl

Distribution of postganglionic parasympathetic fibers originating in the pterygopalatine ganglion in the maxillary and ophthalmic nerve branches of the trigeminal nerve; HRP and WGA-HRP study in the guinea pig

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1990 in Brain Research

Authors: Luis A.G. Segade | Juan Sua´rez Quintanilla

Circulating Exosomal-DNA in Glioma Patients: A Quantitative Study and Histopathological Correlations—A Preliminary Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 April 2022 in Brain Sciences

Authors: Amedeo Piazza | Paolo Rosa | Luca Ricciardi | Antonella Mangraviti | Luca Pacini | Antonella Calogero | Antonino Raco | Massimo Miscusi

The Anterior Attentional–Intentional System in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease—A Pilot and Feasibility Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 July 2021 in Brain Sciences

Research funded by Narodowe Centrum Nauki (2019/33/N/HS6/00173)

Authors: Paulina Beata Golińska | Artur Józef Sawicki | Łucja Bieleninik | Mariola Bidzan

Brief neurocognitive screening in youth with brain tumours: A preliminary investigation of the Lebby-Asbell Neurocognitive Screening Examination (LANSE)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 24 August 2015 in Brain Injury

Authors: Joseph S. Raiker | Edward Manning | Betty Herrington | Anna C. May | Stacey Haynes | Patricia E. Graves | Cynthia W. Karlson

An ultrastructural study of somal appositions in the suprachiasmatic nucleus and anterior hypothalamus of the rat

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1994 in Brain Research

Authors: Alan S. Elliott | Antonio A. Nunez

Specificity of 6-hydroxydopamine induced degeneration of central monoamine neurones: An electron and fluorescence microscopic study with special reference to intracerebral injection on the nigro-striatal dopamine system

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1973 in Brain Research

Authors: Tomas Hökfelt | Urban Ungerstedt

Efferent fiber projections of the habenula and the interpeduncular nucleus. An experimental study in the opossum and cat

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1973 in Experimental Brain Research

Authors: L.A. Smaha | W.W. Kaelber

The projection fields of spinal border cells in the cerebellar anterior lobe in the cat: an anterograde WGA-HRP study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1986 in Brain Research

Authors: Hiroyuki Yaginuma | Matsuo Matsushita

Angiotensin II-induced noradrenaline release from anterior hypothalamus in conscious rats: a brain microdialysis study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1991 in Brain Research

Authors: Fatimunnisa Qadri | Emilio Badoer | Thilo Stadler | Thomas Unger