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Effect of Zirconium Oxide Nano-Fillers on Dimensional Accuracy of Acrylic Resin Maxillary Complete Dentures: An in vitro study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2022 in Dental Science Updates

Authors: mina zakhary | sayed el masry | Hala Abd El-Hamid | kowkb eltamimi

Periodontal and dental effects of surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion, assessed by using digital study models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2015 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Danilo Furquim Siqueira | Mauricio de Almeida Cardoso | Leopoldino Capelozza Filho | Dov Charles Goldenberg | Mariana dos Santos Fernandes

Changes in skeletal and dental relationship in Class II Division I malocclusion after rapid maxillary expansion: a prospective study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2014 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Carolina Baratieri | Matheus Alves Jr | Ana Maria Bolognese | Matilde C. G. Nojima | Lincoln I. Nojima

The maxillary incisor display at rest: analysis of the underlying components

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2018 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Waqar Jeelani | Mubassar Fida | Attiya Shaikh

Effect of second molar eruption on efficiency of maxillary first molar distalization using Carriere distalizer appliance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2021 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Ahmed Shawky HASHEM

Unerupted maxillary anterior supernumerary tooth - A surgical intervention

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 July 2014 in Indian Journal of Dental Advancements

Efficacy of gender on the width-length ratio of maxillary anterior teeth in an Egyptian population and establishment of a guideline for esthetical accepted ratio of teeth dimensions to gingival display

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 2019 in Advanced Dental Journal

Authors: bishoy botross | Omaima elmahallawi | Azza Ezz El-Arab

Evaluation of internal fit, marginal integrity and fatigue resistance of E-max CAD crowns on two different preparation designs for maxillary anterior teeth. An Invitro study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2019 in Egyptian Dental Journal

Authors: Noha Elkhodary | Mostafa abo-Shahba

Autogenous Symphyseal versus Retromolar grafts for 3D augmentation of Anterior Maxillary Deficiencies

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2021 in Egyptian Dental Journal

Authors: Nadia Mohamed

The Occlusal Management of Maxillary Anterior Single-unit Implant-supported Restorations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 June 2000 in Dental Update

Authors: Harpal Chana | Peter Briggs | Roger M. Watson

The selection of maxillary anterior teeth width in relation to facial measurements

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2015 in Sulaimani Dental Journal

Authors: Faraidoon Miran | Shayda Muhamad

Angle Class II, subdivision, with agenesis of mandibular second molars and extrusion of maxillary second molars

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2015 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Rubens Rodrigues Tavares

Surgical endodontic treatment for odontogenic maxillary sinusitis caused by radicular cyst of maxillary anterior teeth: A case report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2022 in Journal of Dental Sciences

Authors: Etsuko Matsuzaki | Kazuma Matsumoto | Yusuke Taniguchi | Hisashi Anan

Canines and inflammatory external apical resorption in healthy maxillary lateral incisors due to occlusal trauma: when to detect the position of maxillary canines, to prevent it?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Alberto CONSOLARO | Mauricio de Almeida CARDOSO | Renata Bianco CONSOLARO | Raquel Assed Bezerra SEGATO

Class I malocclusion with anterior crossbite and severe crowding

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2014 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Daltro Enéas Ritter

Maxillary incisor retraction: evaluation of different mechanisms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2013 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Antônio Carlos de Oliveira Ruellas | Matheus Melo Pithon | Rogério Lacerda dos Santos


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2017 in Egyptian Dental Journal

Authors: Abdel Badia Abdelmabood | Mohammed El Sholakamy | Gehan Eldswikey

A preliminary study of the disintegration of dental cements by continuous water spray

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1973 in Australian Dental Journal

Authors: A. A. Lugassy | E. P. Lautenschlager | D. J. Katrana

The retraction of the maxillary anterior segment by simple orthodontic means

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1970 in British Dental Journal

Authors: A Becker

Quantifying the Selection of Maxillary Anterior Teeth Using Intraoral and Extraoral Anatomical Landmarks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2011 in The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice

Authors: Ayman Ellakwa | Kieran McNamara | Jasdeep Sandhu | Kedall James | Amit Arora | Iven Klineberg | Ali El-Sheikh | F Elizabeth Martin