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Efficacy of high pull headgear in restricting maxillary growth : A clinical study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2008 in Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society

Authors: Namitha Ramesh P.V. | P.P. Biswas

Rathaus Landsberg am Lech

BOOK CHAPTER published 2010 in Bembé Dellinger Architectects

Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy Distraction Osteogenesis (Amodo) in the Treatment of Maxillary Hypoplasia in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate-A Case Report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2023 in Journal of Orthopedics & Bone Disorders

Authors: Sreelakshmi Jyothi


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 1934 in American Journal of Diseases of Children


A preliminary study of an ultrasound-based method for measuring talar displacement during the anterior drawer stress test using a Telos device


Authors: Kaori Tsutsumi | Utayo Nakaya | Yuta Koshino | Mari Tateno | Kazuhisa Matsumoto | Mai Tanaka | Mika Yokoyama | Tatsunori Horie | Mina Samukawa | Tamotsu Kamishima | Harukazu Tohyama

Fig. 6. Echograms at different degrees of instability of the vertebral segment. a — displacement of the anterior boundaries of the intervertebral discs; b — stepwise displacement of the anterior contour of the vertebral bodies; c — displacement of the posterior border of the spinous process of the displaced anterior vertebra.

COMPONENT published

A study to establish a biometric relationship between maxillary central incisor and nail of little finger for prediction of maxillary central incisor dimensions: a preliminary study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Journal of Stomatology

Authors: Manali Oswal | Manoj Shetty

Maxillary molar distalization therapy in adult patients: a multicentre study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2015 in Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research

Authors: M. Fontana | M. Cozzani | S. Mutinelli | R. Spena | A. Caprioglio

Anterior Displacement of Tibial Tuberosity for Patellofemoral Disorders

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1980 in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research


Determining the Correlation Between Maxillary Anterior Teeth Size with Bitragion Width, Wrist Width, Interpupillary Width, Nasal Height in Indian Population and Using These Anthropometric Measurement as A Guide For Selecting Maxillary Anterior Dimensions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2023 in Annals of International Medical and Dental Research

Authors: Shakila Nazreen Banu U

The effect of maxillary molar distalization with clear aligner: a 4D finite-element study with staging simulation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 May 2023 in Progress in Orthodontics

Research funded by Scientific Research Project of Clear Aligner of Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology (B4-WXEA2012359) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (62076011) | the New Clinical Techniques and Therapies of Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology (PKUSSNCT-17B14) | the Research Foundation of Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology (PKUSS20200114)

Authors: Bochun Mao | Yajing Tian | Yujia Xiao | Jing Li | Yanheng Zhou

Modified anterior maxillary segmental osteotomy – a pilot study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2011 in Oral Surgery

Authors: S. Pasupathy | V. Yuvaraj

Energy Expenditure Of An Interactive Video Game: A Preliminary Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2009 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Authors: Miyoung Lee | E. Andrew Pitchford

Diamond Bit Drilling Research

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 February 1973 in Journal of Engineering for Industry

Authors: T. B. Dellinger | B. J. Livesay

Functional aspects of maxillary prognathism

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 1973 in Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie

Authors: O. Krogstad

Preliminary Meetings, 26 December 1973

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1973 in PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America

Mini-implants and the efficiency of Herbst treatment: a preliminary study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2013 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Cesare Luzi | Valeriano Luzi | Birte Melsen

Finite element analysis of maxillary incisor displacement during en-masse retraction according to orthodontic mini-implant position

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2016 in The Korean Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Jae-Won Song | Joong-Ki Lim | Kee-Joon Lee | Sang-Jin Sung | Youn-Sic Chun | Sung-Seo Mo

Study of ideal magnetic crystals. Final report, June 1, 1963--May 31, 1973

REPORT published 1 January 1973

Authors: W P Wolf

Prosthetic, orthodontic and implant-supported rehabilitation of five maxillary anterior teeth with alveolar bone loss

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2018 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Odilon Guariza-Filho | Cristiano Miranda de Araujo | Angela Graciela Deliga Schroder | Orlando Motohiro Tanaka | Ricardo Kern | Antonio Carlos Ruellas