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Journal Article published 2006 in Virology Journal volume 3 issue 1 on page 87

Authors: María P Moreno, Didier Casane, Lilia López, Juan Cristina

Patterns of population connectivity in marine organisms of Cuba

Journal Article published 2017 in Bulletin of Marine Science

Authors: Erik García-Machado, Gabriela Ulmo-Díaz, Jessy Castellanos-Gell, Didier Casane

Evidence for Late Pleistocene origin of Astyanax mexicanus cavefish

Posted Content published 16 Dec 2016

Authors: Julien Fumey, Hélène Hinaux, Céline Noirot, Claude Thermes, Sylvie Rétaux, Didier Casane

Why coelacanths are not ‘living fossils’

Journal Article published 4 Feb 2013 in BioEssays volume 35 issue 4 on pages 332 to 338

Authors: Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti

Evolution of heteroplasmy at a mitochondrial tandem repeat locus in cultured rabbit cells

Journal Article published Oct 2002 in Current Genetics volume 42 issue 1 on pages 66 to 72

Authors: Didier Casane, Monique Guéride

Accommodating the load

Journal Article published Mar 2013 in Mobile Genetic Elements volume 3 issue 2 on page e24775

Authors: Cushla J. Metcalfe, Didier Casane

Organisation des gènesHox

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in médecine/sciences volume 28 issue 4 on pages 350 to 353

Authors: Silvan Oulion, Patrick Laurenti, Didier Casane

Une toute nouvelle tête pour l’ancêtre des vertébrés à mâchoires

Journal Article published Jan 2014 in médecine/sciences volume 30 issue 1 on pages 38 to 40

Authors: Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti

15-P012 Expression of catshark Hox genes and evolution of vertebrate appendages

Journal Article published Aug 2009 in Mechanisms of Development volume 126 on pages S250 to S251

Authors: Silvan Oulion, Véronique Borday-Birraux, Patrick Laurenti, Didier Casane

Le cas CRISPR, mutations «ready-made» et évolution lamarckienne d’un système immunitaire adaptatif

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in médecine/sciences volume 32 issue 6 on pages 640 to 645

Authors: Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti

Evolution of eye development in the darkness of caves: adaptation, drift, or both?

Journal Article published 2013 in EvoDevo volume 4 issue 1 on page 26

Authors: Sylvie Rétaux, Didier Casane

Phylogénie et évolution moléculaires

Journal Article published Nov 2002 in médecine/sciences volume 18 issue 11 on pages 1146 to 1154

Authors: Philippe Lopez, Didier Casane, Hervé Philippe

Penser la biologie dans un cadre phylogénétique

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in médecine/sciences volume 28 issue 12 on pages 1121 to 1127

Authors: Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti

L’apophénie d’ENCODE ou Pangloss examine le génome humain

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in médecine/sciences volume 31 issue 6-7 on pages 680 to 686

Authors: Didier Casane, Julien Fumey, Patrick Laurenti

Modular organization and reticulate evolution of the ORF1 of Jockey superfamily transposable elements

Journal Article published 2014 in Mobile DNA volume 5 issue 1 on page 19

Authors: Cushla J Metcalfe, Didier Casane

Syllogomanie moléculaire : l’ADN non codant enrichit le jeu des possibles

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in médecine/sciences volume 30 issue 12 on pages 1177 to 1183

Authors: Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti

Molecular Evidence for Precambrian Origin of Amelogenin, the Major Protein of Vertebrate Enamel

Journal Article published 1 Dec 2001 in Molecular Biology and Evolution volume 18 issue 12 on pages 2146 to 2153

Authors: Sidney Delgado, Didier Casane, Laure Bonnaud, Michel Laurin, Jean-Yves Sire, Marc Girondot

Human–Chimpanzee DNA Sequence Variation in the Four Major Genes of the Renin Angiotensin System

Journal Article published Oct 2000 in Genomics volume 69 issue 1 on pages 14 to 26

Authors: Cécile Dufour, Didier Casane, Derek Denton, Jean Wickings, Pierre Corvol, Xavier Jeunemaitre

Where do animal α-amylases come from? An interkingdom trip

Journal Article published 20 Jul 2007 in FEBS Letters volume 581 issue 21 on pages 3927 to 3935

Authors: Jean-Luc Da Lage, Etienne G.J. Danchin, Didier Casane

Mode of reduction in the number of pharyngeal segments within the sarcopterygians

Journal Article published 21 Mar 2016 in Zoological Letters volume 2 issue 1

Authors: Victoria Shone, Silvan Oulion, Didier Casane, Patrick Laurenti, Anthony Graham