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Sustainable Polymers from Renewable Resources: Polymer Blends of Furan-Based Polyesters

Journal Article published 27 May 2018 in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering volume 303 issue 8 on page 1800153

Authors: Niki Poulopoulou, Nejib Kasmi, Dimitrios N. Bikiaris, Dimitrios G. Papageorgiou, George Floudas, George Z. Papageorgiou

Soil organic matter decomposition mechanisms in ectomycorrhizal fungi

Chapter published 28 Oct 2016 in Molecular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis on pages 257 to 275

Authors: Anders Tunlid, Dimitrios Floudas, Roger Koide, Fran├žois Rineau

The genus Resupinatus Nees ex Gray in Greece

Journal Article published 1 May 2011 in Nova Hedwigia volume 92 issue 3 on pages 513 to 522

Authors: Zacharoula Gonou-Zagou, Marina Triantafyllou, Dimitrios Floudas, Panagiotis Delivorias

Myelodysplastic syndrome associated with multiple autoimmune disorders

Journal Article published 13 Apr 2005 in Clinical Rheumatology volume 24 issue 4 on pages 428 to 430

Authors: Dimitrios Farmakis, Evaggelos Polymeropoulos, Aikaterini Polonifi, Spyros Deftereos, Xanthoula Giakoumi, Harris Floudas, Antonia Grapsa, Athanasios Aessopos

Overcoming the Key Challenges in De Novo Protein Design: Enhancing Computational Efficiency and Incorporating True Backbone Flexibility

Chapter published in Applied Optimization on pages 133 to 183

Authors: Christodoulos A. Floudas, Ho Ki Fung, Dimitrios Morikis, Martin S. Taylor, Li Zhang


Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Cytokine volume 70 issue 1 on page 35

Authors: Daniel E. Croker, Reena Halai, Geraldine Kaeslin, Dimitrios Morikis, Trent Woodruff, Christodoulos A. Floudas, Peter N. Monk, Matthew A. Cooper

Species specificity of the complement inhibitor compstatin investigated by all-atom molecular dynamics simulations

Journal Article published 29 Jun 2010 in Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics on pages n/a to n/a

Authors: Phanourios Tamamis, Dimitrios Morikis, Christodoulos A. Floudas, Georgios Archontis

Structure-Based Integrative Computational and Experimental Approach for the Optimization of Drug Design

Chapter published 2005 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 680 to 688

Authors: Dimitrios Morikis, Christodoulos A. Floudas, John D. Lambris

Horizontal transfer of carbohydrate metabolism genes into ectomycorrhizalAmanita

Journal Article published 18 Nov 2014 in New Phytologist volume 205 issue 4 on pages 1552 to 1564

Authors: Maryam Chaib De Mares, Jaqueline Hess, Dimitrios Floudas, Anna Lipzen, Cindy Choi, Megan Kennedy, Igor V. Grigoriev, Anne Pringle

Entropy Optimization: Parameter Estimation

Chapter published in Encyclopedia of Optimization on pages 548 to 552

Authors: William R. Esposito, Christodoulos A. Floudas