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Autonomous instrumentation system for offshore marine applications: Met-mast wind resource measurement implementation

Conference Paper published Jun 2011 in OCEANS 2011 IEEE - Spain

Authors: J. Echevarria, D. Blanco, J. Dominguez, J. Sanudo, A. Alvarez

Conventional purification and isolation

Chapter published 2015 in Food Waste Recovery on pages 149 to 172

Authors: Lorenzo Bertin, Dario Frascari, Herminia Domínguez, Elena Falqué, Francisco Amador Riera Rodriguez, Silvia Alvarez Blanco

Domínguez, Oscar

Reference published 2003 in Oxford Art Online

Authors: M. Dolores Jiménez-Blanco

Polyclonal Aspergillus fumigatus infection in captive penguins

Journal Article published Aug 2010 in Veterinary Microbiology volume 144 issue 3-4 on pages 444 to 449

Authors: Sergio Alvarez-Perez, Ana Mateos, Lucas Dominguez, Eva Martinez-Nevado, Jose L. Blanco, Marta E. Garcia

Personal Brands

Book published 2010

Authors: Roberto Álvarez del Blanco

Influence of porosity and fissuring on coking pressure generation

Journal Article published Sep 2008 in Fuel volume 87 issue 12 on pages 2437 to 2443

Authors: M.D. Casal, C. Barriocanal, M.A. Díez, R. Alvarez

Feedstock recycling of plastic wastes/oil mixtures in cokemaking

Journal Article published Oct 2009 in Fuel volume 88 issue 10 on pages 1937 to 1944

Authors: M.A. Diez, R. Alvarez, S. Melendi, C. Barriocanal

Evaluation of bituminous wastes as coal fluidity enhancers

Journal Article published Nov 2012 in Fuel volume 101 on pages 45 to 52

Authors: A.M. Fernández, C. Barriocanal, M.A. Díez, R. Alvarez

Influence of low-density polyethylene addition on coking pressure

Journal Article published Mar 2014 in Fuel volume 119 on pages 274 to 284

Authors: S. Melendi, C. Barriocanal, R. Alvarez, M.A. Diez

The effect of additives on coking pressure and coke quality

Journal Article published May 2012 in Fuel volume 95 on pages 642 to 647

Authors: A.M. Fernández, C. Barriocanal, R. Alvarez