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Männliche Schwangerschaftsphantasien

Chapter published 2002 in Masculinities — Maskulinitäten on pages 28 to 32

Authors: Dominique Zimmermann

L'économie du logiciel libre

Journal Article published 2001 in Revue économique volume 52 issue 7 on page 77

Authors: Dominique Foray, Jean-Benoît Zimmermann

L'économie du logiciel libre. Organisation coopérative et incitation à l'innovation

Journal Article published 2001 in Revue économique volume 52 issue 1 on pages 77 to 93

Authors: Jean-Benoît Zimmermann, Dominique Foray

Book review: Insect morphology and phylogeny

Journal Article published 30 May 2014 in Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift volume 61 issue 1 on pages 85 to 85

Authors: Susanne Randolf, Dominique Zimmermann

Formal Modelling of Electronic Circuits Using Event-B

Chapter published 2004 in UML-B Specification for Proven Embedded Systems Design on pages 211 to 226

Authors: Yann Zimmermann, Stefan Hallerstede, Dominique Cansell

160 years of D.E.Z. – what is the recipe for thy long life?

Journal Article published 7 Dec 2017 in Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift volume 64 issue 2 on pages 133 to 160

Authors: Dominique Zimmermann

Autonomous Network Equipments

Chapter published 2006 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 177 to 185

Authors: Dominique Gaïti, Guy Pujolle, Mikaël Salaun, Hubert Zimmermann

Le développement durable à l’épreuve des TIC

Journal Article published 31 Dec 2010 in Terminal issue 106-107

Authors: Dominique Desbois, Cédric Gossart, Nicolas Jullien, Jean-Benoît Zimmermann

Object-oriented finite element programming: an interactive environment for symbolic derivations, application to an initial boundary value problem

Journal Article published Oct 1996 in Advances in Engineering Software volume 27 issue 1-2 on pages 3 to 10

Authors: Dominique Eyheramendy, Thomas Zimmermann

Diazepam induces a dissociation between explicit and implicit memory

Journal Article published Oct 1989 in Psychopharmacology volume 99 issue 2 on pages 238 to 243

Authors: Jean-Marie Danion, Maric-Agathe Zimmermann, Dominique Willard-Schroeder, Danielle Grang�, L�onard Singer