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Journal Article published 2002 in Neurochemical Research volume 27 issue 5 on pages 417 to 421

Authors: Michael A. LaFontaine, Mark P. Mattson, D. Allan Butterfield

Journal Article published 2002 in Neurochemical Research volume 27 issue 6 on pages 507 to 511

Authors: Michael A. LaFontaine, James W. Geddes, D. Allan Butterfield

Folding and catalysis by the VS ribozyme

Journal Article published Sep 2002 in Biochimie volume 84 issue 9 on pages 889 to 896

Authors: Daniel A. Lafontaine, David G. Norman, David M.J. Lilley

Riboswitches: Ancient and Promising Genetic Regulators

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2009 in ChemBioChem volume 10 issue 3 on pages 400 to 416

Authors: Simon Blouin, Jérôme Mulhbacher, J. Carlos Penedo, Daniel A. Lafontaine

The enantioselective total synthesis of the antitumor macrolide natural product rhizoxin D

Journal Article published May 1999 in Tetrahedron Letters volume 40 issue 22 on pages 4145 to 4148

Authors: Jennifer A. Lafontaine, David P. Provencal, Cristina Gardelli, James W. Leahy

Artefacts in fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry Part II. Aggregate ions involving hydrochloric acid and diethanolamine

Journal Article published 1990 in Analytica Chimica Acta volume 241 issue 2 on pages 227 to 231

Authors: J.R.Jocelyn Paré, Pierre Lafontaine, Jacqueline M.R. Bélanger

Enantiopure enynyl sulfoxides via palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions

Journal Article published Jun 1993 in Tetrahedron Letters volume 34 issue 23 on pages 3663 to 3666

Authors: Robert S. Paley, Jennifer A. Lafontaine, Maria Paz Ventura

Gas chromatographic–mass spectrometric analysis of acids and phenols in distilled alcohol beverages

Journal Article published Mar 2000 in Journal of Chromatography A volume 873 issue 1 on pages 29 to 38

Authors: Lay-Keow Ng, Pierre Lafontaine, Jean Harnois

Kinetic Analysis of δ Ribozyme Cleavage†

Journal Article published Dec 1998 in Biochemistry volume 37 issue 48 on pages 16975 to 16982

Authors: Stéphane Mercure, Daniel Lafontaine, Sirinart Ananvoranich, Jean-Pierre Perreault

Rhizoxin synthetic studies. 1. Synthesis of the right hand [C(1) to C(9)]portion via a “pinwheel” approach

Journal Article published Aug 1995 in Tetrahedron Letters volume 36 issue 34 on pages 6029 to 6032

Authors: Jennifer A. Lafontaine, James W. Leahy