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Comorbidity Profile and Healthcare Utilization in Elderly Patients with Serious Mental Illnesses

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry volume 21 issue 12 on pages 1267 to 1276

Research funded by NIH (R24MH080827-01A1)

Authors: Hugh C. Hendrie, Donald Lindgren, Donald P. Hay, Kathleen A. Lane, Sujuan Gao, Christianna Purnell, Stephanie Munger, Faye Smith, Jeanne Dickens, Malaz A. Boustani, Christopher M. Callahan

TNF activity and T cells

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Cytokine volume 101 on pages 14 to 18

Research funded by NIH (AI070535, AI103021, AI110929, AI123134)

Authors: Amit K. Mehta, Donald T. Gracias, Michael Croft

Calculated Log D Is Inversely Correlated With Select Camptothecin Clearance and Efficacy in Colon Cancer Xenografts

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences volume 105 issue 4 on pages 1561 to 1566

Research funded by NIH (GM57980)

Authors: Charvi Nanavati, Donald E. Mager

Transposon transgenesis in Xenopus

Journal Article published May 2010 in Methods volume 51 issue 1 on pages 92 to 100

Research funded by NIH (RO1 HD42294, RO1 MH079381) | American Lebanese and Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC)

Authors: Donald A. Yergeau, Clair M. Kelley, Haiqing Zhu, Emin Kuliyev, Paul E. Mead

A response-adaptive design of initial therapy for emergency department patients with heart failure

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Contemporary Clinical Trials volume 52 on pages 46 to 53

Research funded by NIH (U54GM104942, CA193878, CA016672)

Authors: Sijin Wen, Jing Ning, Sean Collins, Donald Berry

Characterization of flow‐regulated cortical collecting duct endothelin‐1 production

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Physiological Reports volume 5 issue 4 on page e13126

Research funded by NIH (R01 DK107454)

Authors: Nirupama Ramkumar, Yang Gao, Donald E. Kohan

Screening for suicidal ideation in children with epilepsy

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in Epilepsy & Behavior volume 29 issue 3 on pages 521 to 526

Research funded by NIH (NS32070)

Authors: Jana E. Jones, Prabha Siddarth, Suresh Gurbani, W. Donald Shields, Rochelle Caplan

A hybrid method for protein-protein interface prediction

Journal Article published 21 Jul 2015 in Protein Science volume 25 issue 1 on pages 159 to 165

Research funded by NIH (GM030518)

Authors: Howook Hwang, Donald Petrey, Barry Honig

Age-related GABAA receptor changes in rat auditory cortex

Journal Article published May 2013 in Neurobiology of Aging volume 34 issue 5 on pages 1486 to 1496

Research funded by NIH (DC000151)

Authors: Donald M. Caspary, Larry F. Hughes, Lynne L. Ling

A modular, plasmin-sensitive, clickable poly(ethylene glycol)-heparin-laminin microsphere system for establishing growth factor gradients in nerve guidance conduits

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Biomaterials volume 72 on pages 112 to 124

Research funded by NIH (1R21NS077765-01)

Authors: Jacob L. Roam, Ying Yan, Peter K. Nguyen, Ian S. Kinstlinger, Michael K. Leuchter, Daniel A. Hunter, Matthew D. Wood, Donald L. Elbert

Proline dehydrogenase is essential for proline protection against hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death

Journal Article published Sep 2012 in Free Radical Biology and Medicine volume 53 issue 5 on pages 1181 to 1191

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01 GM079393) | NIH (P20 RR-017675)

Authors: Sathish Kumar Natarajan, Weidong Zhu, Xinwen Liang, Lu Zhang, Andrew J. Demers, Matthew C. Zimmerman, Melanie A. Simpson, Donald F. Becker

Long-term culture of HL-1 cardiomyocytes in modular poly(ethylene glycol) microsphere-based scaffolds crosslinked in the phase-separated state

Journal Article published Jan 2012 in Acta Biomaterialia volume 8 issue 1 on pages 31 to 40

Research funded by NIH (R01 HL085364, R01 HL085369)

Authors: Amanda W. Smith, Claire E. Segar, Peter K. Nguyen, Matthew R. MacEwan, Igor R. Efimov, Donald L. Elbert

The molecular mechanisms underlying the pharmacological actions of estrogens, SERMs and oxysterols: Implications for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

Journal Article published Mar 2013 in Bone volume 53 issue 1 on pages 42 to 50

Research funded by NIH (R37DK048807) | DOD (W81XWH-09-1-0613) | Novartis | Radius Health | Pfizer

Authors: Erik R. Nelson, Suzanne E. Wardell, Donald P. McDonnell

Beyond Antibiotics: New Therapeutic Approaches for Bacterial Infections

Journal Article published 29 Mar 2016 in Clinical Infectious Diseases volume 63 issue 1 on pages 89 to 95

Research funded by National Institutes of Health | NIH (AI099269, AI053674, AI04831, AI118257, AI113166)

Authors: Alan R. Hauser, Joan Mecsas, Donald T. Moir

Editors: Robert A. Weinstein

PAC 1 receptors mediate positive chronotropic responses to PACAP-27 and VIP in isolated mouse atria

Journal Article published Aug 2013 in European Journal of Pharmacology volume 713 issue 1-3 on pages 25 to 30

Research funded by Greater Southeast Affiliate of the American Heart Association (DBH) (RR032135) | NIH (GM103498)

Authors: Donald B. Hoover, Beatrice M. Girard, Jeffrey L. Hoover, Rodney L. Parsons

Computational analysis and identification of an emergent human adenovirus pathogen implicated in a respiratory fatality

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Virology volume 409 issue 2 on pages 141 to 147

Research funded by NIH (EY013124-S1, P30EY014104) | Research to Prevent Blindness

Authors: Christopher M. Robinson, Gurdeep Singh, Cécile Henquell, Michael P. Walsh, Hélène Peigue-Lafeuille, Donald Seto, Morris S. Jones, David W. Dyer, James Chodosh

γ-Glutamyl transpeptidase null mice fail to develop tolerance to coumarin-induced Clara cell toxicity

Journal Article published Jun 2010 in Food and Chemical Toxicology volume 48 issue 6 on pages 1612 to 1618

Research funded by NIH (ES-00040, ES-00210, ES-01978)

Authors: Jeffrey D. Vassallo, Rhonda S. Kaetzel, Stephanie L. Born, Cindy L. Lewis, Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman, Donald J. Reed

Inhibition of c-Jun kinase provides neuroprotection in a model of Alzheimer's disease

Journal Article published Sep 2010 in Neurobiology of Disease volume 39 issue 3 on pages 311 to 317

Research funded by NIH (NS048181)

Authors: Steven P. Braithwaite, Ralf S. Schmid, Dong Ning He, Mei-Li A. Sung, Seongeon Cho, Lynn Resnick, Michael M. Monaghan, Warren D. Hirst, Christian Essrich, Peter H. Reinhart, Donald C. Lo

Speech errors of amnesic H.M.: Unlike everyday slips-of-the-tongue

Journal Article published Mar 2011 in Cortex volume 47 issue 3 on pages 377 to 408

Research funded by Samuel A. MacKay Memorial Research Fund | NIH (R01 AG 09755)

Authors: Donald G. MacKay, Lori E. James, Christopher B. Hadley, Kethera A. Fogler

Traumatic brain injury reduces soluble extracellular amyloid-β in mice: A methodologically novel combined microdialysis-controlled cortical impact study

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Neurobiology of Disease volume 40 issue 3 on pages 555 to 564

Research funded by NIH (NS049237, AG13956)

Authors: Katherine E. Schwetye, John R. Cirrito, Thomas J. Esparza, Christine L. Mac Donald, David M. Holtzman, David L. Brody