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Journal Article published 1982 in Cahiers québécois de démographie volume 11 issue 2 on page 135

Authors: Pierre Lafontaine

Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 14

Book published 2014 in Sustainable Agriculture Reviews

Editors: Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, Magalie Lesueur-Jannoyer

Introduction à la géométrie hyperbolique

Journal Article published 1991 in Séminaire de théorie spectrale et géométrie volume S9 on pages 103 to 113

Authors: Jacques Lafontaine

Manuscrits byzantins à miniatures

Journal Article published 1972 in Scriptorium volume 26 issue 2 on pages 316 to 322

Authors: Jacqueline Lafontaine-Dosogne

RNA Sensors of Intracellular Metabolites

Chapter published 2012 in Regulatory RNAs in Prokaryotes on pages 195 to 219

Authors: Vineetha Zacharia, Daniel Lafontaine, Wade C. Winkler

Franchising and Exclusive Distribution

Book published 1 Dec 2014 in Oxford Handbooks Online

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Margaret Slade

Editors: Roger D. Blair, D. Daniel Sokol

The Euler-Poincaré Characteristic and the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem

Chapter published 2015 in An Introduction to Differential Manifolds on pages 323 to 348

Authors: Jacques Lafontaine

24. Inter-Firm Contracts Evidence

Chapter published 31 Jan 2013 in The Handbook of Organizational Economics

Authors: Francine Lafontaine, Margaret E. Slade

Editors: Robert Gibbons, John Roberts

8992, 1816-11-11, [LAVALLÉE (A.), anc. secrétaire du Musée royal, ROUX, LAFONTAINE]

Dataset published in Art Sales Catalogues Online

Journal Issue published 31 Dec 2016 in Les dossiers des sciences de l’éducation issue 36

Editors: Michel Grandaty, Lizanne Lafontaine

Qui a lu Auguste Lafontaine ?

Journal Article published 15 Dec 2011 in Revue italienne d’études françaises issue 1

Authors: Jean-Jacques Labia

Pricing Decisions in Franchised Chains: A Look at the Restaurant and Fast-Food Industry

Report published Sep 1995

Authors: Francine Lafontaine

Journal Article published 2002 in Neurochemical Research volume 27 issue 5 on pages 417 to 421

Authors: Michael A. LaFontaine, Mark P. Mattson, D. Allan Butterfield

Ribosome Assembly

Chapter published 20 Jan 2006 in Protein Synthesis and Ribosome Structure on pages 85 to 143

Authors: Knud H. Nierhaus, Denis L. Lafontaine

Letter from the President of Nabe

Journal Article published Jan 1976 in NABE volume 1 issue 2 on pages 91 to 92

Authors: Hernan LaFontaine

Letter from the President of NABE

Journal Article published Oct 1976 in NABE volume 1 issue 3 on pages 87 to 89

Authors: Hernan LaFontaine

The Characteristics of Multi-Unit Ownership in Franchising: Evidence from Fast-Food Restaurants in Texas

Report published Dec 1996

Authors: Arturs Kalnins, Francine Lafontaine

La vieillesse, une maladie mortelle

Journal Article published 2010 in Revue internationale de soins palliatifs volume 25 issue 1 on page 5

Authors: Céline Lafontaine

Interactions verbales parents-enfants :étude longitudinale d'un cas

Journal Article published 1982 in Enfance volume 35 issue 1 on pages 75 to 87

Authors: D. Lafontaine

Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and Roots

Chapter published 3 Oct 2011 in Measuring Roots on pages 25 to 49

Authors: Tapani Repo, Yang Cao, Raimo Silvennoinen, Harry Ozier-Lafontaine