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Eosinophilic Inflammation in Asthma

Journal Article published 11 Oct 1990 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 323 issue 15 on pages 1033 to 1039

Authors: Jean Bousquet, Pascal Chanez, Jean Yves Lacoste, Gilbert Barnéon, Nouchine Ghavanian, Ingrid Enander, Per Venge, Staffan Ahlstedt, Joelle Simony-Lafontaine, Philippe Godard, François-Bernard Michel

Serum Concentrations of Colistin in Patients with Normal and Impaired Renal Function

Journal Article published 20 Feb 1964 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 270 issue 8 on pages 394 to 397

Authors: Donald N. MacKay, Donald Kaye

Book Review Neuropathology: A reference text of CNS pathology Edited by David Ellison and Seth Love, with five others. Approximately 1200 pp., illustrated. St. Louis, Mosby, 1998. $299. 0-7234-2550-7

Journal Article published 28 Jan 1999 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 340 issue 4 on pages 324 to 324

Authors: Donald L. Price, Donald L. Price

Complications of Smallpox Vaccination

Journal Article published 19 Jan 1967 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 276 issue 3 on pages 125 to 132

Authors: John M. Neff, J. Michael Lane, James H. Pert, Richard Moore, J. Donald Millar, Donald A. Henderson

A Population-Based Study of Multiple Sclerosis in Twins

Journal Article published 25 Dec 1986 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 315 issue 26 on pages 1638 to 1642

Authors: George C. Ebers, Dennis E. Bulman, Adele D. Sadovnick, Donald W. Paty, Sharon Warren, Walter Hader, T. Jock Murray, T. Peter Seland, Pierre Duquette, Trevor Grey, Robert Nelson, Michael Nicolle, Donald Brunet

Hypovitaminosis D in Medical Inpatients

Journal Article published 19 Mar 1998 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 338 issue 12 on pages 777 to 783

Authors: Melissa K. Thomas, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, Ravi I. Thadhani, Albert C. Shaw, Donald J. Deraska, Barrett T. Kitch, Eleftherios C. Vamvakas, Ian M. Dick, Richard L. Prince, Joel S. Finkelstein

Accumulation of Nuclear p53 and Tumor Progression in Bladder Cancer

Journal Article published 10 Nov 1994 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 331 issue 19 on pages 1259 to 1264

Authors: David Esrig, Donald Elmajian, Susan Groshen, John A. Freeman, John P. Stein, Su-Chiu Chen, Peter W. Nichols, Donald G. Skinner, Peter A. Jones, Richard J. Cote

Heterotopic Prosthetic Ventricles as a Bridge to Cardiac Transplantation

Journal Article published 11 Feb 1988 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 318 issue 6 on pages 333 to 340

Authors: David J. Farrar, J. Donald Hill, Laman A. Gray, D. Glenn Pennington, Lawrence R. McBride, William S. Pierce, Walter E. Pae, Brian Glenville, Donald Ross, Timothy A. Galbraith, G. Lionel Zumbro

Rickets Due to Calcium Deficiency

Journal Article published 8 Dec 1977 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 297 issue 23 on pages 1264 to 1266

Authors: Sang Whay Kooh, Donald Fraser, Bernard Joseph Reilly, John Richard Hamilton, Donald Grant Gall, Louise Bell

Multifactorial Index of Cardiac Risk in Noncardiac Surgical Procedures

Journal Article published 20 Oct 1977 in New England Journal of Medicine volume 297 issue 16 on pages 845 to 850

Authors: Lee Goldman, Debra L. Caldera, Samuel R. Nussbaum, Frederick S. Southwick, Donald Krogstad, Barbara Murray, Donald S. Burke, Terrence A. O'Malley, Allan H. Goroll, Charles H. Caplan, James Nolan, Blase Carabello, Eve E. Slater