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Presidential Address

Journal Article published Jul 1951 in Journal of the Royal Sanitary Institute volume 71 issue 4 on pages 425 to 427

Authors: H.P. Cart De lafontaine

The Cybernetic Matrix of `French Theory'

Journal Article published Sep 2007 in Theory, Culture & Society volume 24 issue 5 on pages 27 to 46

Authors: Céline Lafontaine

Physical Activity: The Epidemic of Obesity and Overweight Among Youth: Trends, Consequences, and Interventions

Journal Article published Jan 2008 in American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine volume 2 issue 1 on pages 30 to 36

Authors: Tom LaFontaine

Les attributs linguistiques de la feminite et de la masculinite: enquete sur les representations des adolescents

Journal Article published 1 Sep 1988 in Social Science Information volume 27 issue 3 on pages 421 to 438

Authors: A. Pillon, C. Lafontaine

The Modeling of Pressure Distribution in Resin Transfer Molding

Journal Article published Oct 1987 in Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites volume 6 issue 4 on pages 367 to 377

Authors: R. Gauvin, M. Chibani, P. Lafontaine

Bilingual Education

Journal Article published Oct 1988 in Evaluation Review volume 12 issue 5 on pages 483 to 509

Authors: Peter Behuniak, John A. Hubert, Hernan LaFontaine, Robert J. Nearine

Book Reviews: The Nyoro State. By JOHN BEATTIE (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1971). ix + 280 pp. £3

Journal Article published Jan 1972 in Race volume 13 issue 3 on pages 380 to 380

Authors: J.S. Lafontaine

Regenerative Medicine’s Immortal Body: From the Fight against Ageing to the Extension of Longevity

Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Body & Society volume 15 issue 4 on pages 53 to 71

Authors: Céline Lafontaine

Auditory Word Serial Recall Benefits from Orthographic Dissimilarity

Journal Article published 23 Aug 2010 in Language and Speech volume 53 issue 3 on pages 321 to 341

Authors: Chotiga Pattamadilok, Hélène Lafontaine, José Morais, Régine Kolinsky

CouchSurfing: Belonging and trust in a globally cooperative online social network

Journal Article published 8 Mar 2011 in New Media & Society volume 13 issue 6 on pages 981 to 998

Authors: Devan Rosen, Pascale Roy Lafontaine, Blake Hendrickson