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Journal Article published Jul 1951 in Journal of the Royal Sanitary Institute volume 71 issue 4 on pages 425 to 427

Authors: H.P. Cart De lafontaine

The Cybernetic Matrix of `French Theory'

Journal Article published Sep 2007 in Theory, Culture & Society volume 24 issue 5 on pages 27 to 46

Authors: Céline Lafontaine

The Modeling of Pressure Distribution in Resin Transfer Molding

Journal Article published Oct 1987 in Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites volume 6 issue 4 on pages 367 to 377

Authors: R. Gauvin, M. Chibani, P. Lafontaine

“Syndromes Hypermoteurs Et Trifluoropérazine”

Journal Article published Oct 1961 in Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal volume 6 issue 5 on pages 257 to 260

Authors: L. Gratton, L. Houde, R. Lafontaine, G. Fournier

Regenerative Medicine’s Immortal Body: From the Fight against Ageing to the Extension of Longevity

Journal Article published Dec 2009 in Body & Society volume 15 issue 4 on pages 53 to 71

Authors: Céline Lafontaine

Viscosity Discrimination: A Comparison of an Adaptive Two-Alternative Forced-Choice and an Adjustment Procedure

Journal Article published Dec 1997 in Perception volume 26 issue 12 on pages 1571 to 1578

Authors: Lynette Jones, Ian Hunter, Serge Lafontaine

Do Trust and Sexual Intimacy Mediate Attachment’s Pathway Toward Sexual Violence Occurring in Same Sex Romantic Relationships?

Journal Article published 13 Jul 2017 in Journal of Interpersonal Violence on page 088626051771694

Authors: Nicolas Gabbay, Marie-France Lafontaine

Factors Influencing Tutors' Perceptions of Retarded Children

Journal Article published Feb 1981 in Perceptual and Motor Skills volume 52 issue 1 on pages 33 to 34

Authors: Thomas L. Lafontaine, Robert H. Poresky

Vegetation dynamics in relation to late Holocene climate variability and disturbance, Outaouais, Québec, Canada

Journal Article published 11 Aug 2014 in The Holocene volume 24 issue 11 on pages 1515 to 1526

Authors: Karelle Lafontaine-Boyer, Konrad Gajewski

Do Large Modern Retailers Pay Premium Wages?

Journal Article published 25 Feb 2015 in ILR Review volume 68 issue 3 on pages 633 to 665

Authors: Brianna Cardiff-Hicks, Francine Lafontaine, Kathryn Shaw