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An eastern king's estimate of a European market

Journal Article published 27 Sep 1884 in Notes and Queries volume s6-X issue 248 on pages 252 to 252

Authors: Ed. Marshall

American Literature in Transition, 1910–1920. Ed. by Mark W. Van WienenAmerican Literature in Transition, 1920–1920. Ed. by Ichiro TakayoshiAmerican Literature in Transition, 1940–1950. Ed. by Christopher VialsAmerican Literature in Transition, 1950–1960. Ed. by Steven BellettoAmerican Literature in Transition, 1980–1990. Ed. by D. Quentin MillerAmerican Literature in Transition, 1990–2000. Ed. by Stephen J. Burn

Journal Article published 14 Aug 2018 in The Library volume 19 issue 3 on pages 406 to 407

Authors: Nicolas Bell

Hooker, serm. iii. vol. iii. p. 789, ed. ox., 1836

Journal Article published 4 Aug 1877 in Notes and Queries volume s5-VIII issue 188 on pages 96 to 96

Authors: Ed. Marshall

Judge, A.J.N. (Ed.): Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, 2nd ed. (M.P. Satija)

Journal Article published 1988 in KNOWLEDGE ORGANIZATION volume 15 issue 2 on pages 104 to 106

The Liber Ymnorum of Notker Balbulus ed. by Calvin M. Bower, and: The Liber Ymnorum of Notker Balbulus ed. by Calvin M. Bower

Journal Article published 2018 in Notes volume 74 issue 4 on pages 681 to 686

Authors: Lance W. Brunner

Arthur Symons, Selected Early Poems, ed. Jane Desmarais and Chris Baldick; Arthur Symons, Spiritual Adventures, ed. Nicholas Freeman

Journal Article published 11 Jul 2018 in Notes and Queries volume 65 issue 3 on pages 459 to 461

Authors: Giles Whiteley


Journal Article published 7 Nov 1874 in Notes and Queries volume s5-II issue 45 on pages 363 to 364

Authors: Ed.


Journal Article published 1 Jul 1954 in Notes and Queries volume 199 issue jul on pages 317 to 317

Authors: Ed.

British Birds

Journal Article published 1 Mar 1954 in Notes and Queries volume 199 issue mar on pages 131 to 131

Authors: Ed.


Journal Article published 24 May 1952 in Notes and Queries volume 197 issue 11 on pages 238 to 238

Authors: Ed.