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Chapter published in International Law Reports on pages 471 to 473

Editors: Hersch Lauterpacht

Breeding biology of the Lesser Grass-Finch (Emberizoides ypiranganus) in southern Brazilian upland grasslands

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in The Wilson Journal of Ornithology volume 127 issue 3 on pages 441 to 456

Authors: Eduardo Chiarani, Carla S. Fontana

Recent records of the Star-throated Antwren, Rhopias gularis (Spix, 1825) (Aves, Thamnophilidae), in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil

Journal Article published 23 Nov 2018 in Check List volume 14 issue 6 on pages 1099 to 1104

Authors: Glayson A. Bencke, Eduardo Chiarani, Alexandre Bianco, Walter Hasenack, Marcelo F. Medaglia

Intrastriatal injection of hypoxanthine reduces striatal serotonin content and impairs spatial memory performance in rats

Journal Article published 13 Jan 2007 in Metabolic Brain Disease volume 22 issue 1 on pages 67 to 76

Authors: Caren Serra Bavaresco, Fabria Chiarani, Eduardo Duringon, Marcelo Machado Ferro, Cláudio Da Cunha, Carlos Alexandre Netto, Angela Terezinha de Souza Wyse

Sludge filterability and dewaterability in a membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment

Journal Article published Jan 2010 in Desalination volume 250 issue 2 on pages 660 to 665

Authors: Giuseppe Guglielmi, Daniele Chiarani, Devendra Prakash Saroj, Gianni Andreottola

Sub-critical fouling in a membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment: Experimental investigation and mathematical modelling

Journal Article published Sep 2007 in Water Research volume 41 issue 17 on pages 3903 to 3914


Effect of hyperprolinemia on acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase activities in rat

Journal Article published 25 Mar 2005 in Amino Acids volume 28 issue 3 on pages 305 to 308

Authors: D. Delwing, F. Chiarani, C. M. D. Wannmacher, M. Wajner, A. T. S. Wyse

Proline reduces brain cytochrome c oxidase: prevention by antioxidants

Journal Article published Feb 2007 in International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience volume 25 issue 1 on pages 17 to 22

Authors: Daniela Delwing, Débora Delwing, Fábria Chiarani, Andréa G. Kurek, Angela T.S. Wyse

Journal Article published 2003 in Metabolic Brain Disease volume 18 issue 1 on pages 79 to 86

Authors: Daniela Delwing, Fábria Chiarani, Débora Delwing, Caren S. Bavaresco, Clovis M.D. Wannmacher, Moacir Wajner, Angela T.S. Wyse

Functionalized polymers to target SerpinB3 in hepatoma cells

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Digestive and Liver Disease volume 48 on page e45

Authors: S. Quarta, S. Chiarani, J. Baseggio, P. Pontisso, P. Caliceti

Hernández Moncada, Eduardo

Reference published 2001 in Oxford Music Online

Authors: Eduardo Contreras Soto

Arginine Administration Decreases Cerebral Cortex Acetylcholinesterase and Serum Butyrylcholinesterase Probably by Oxidative Stress Induction

Journal Article published Feb 2004 in Neurochemical Research volume 29 issue 2 on pages 385 to 389

Authors: Angela T. S. Wyse, Francieli M. Stefanello, Fábria Chiarani, Débora Delwing, Clóvis M. D. Wannmacher, Moacir Wajner

Intrastriatal hypoxanthine administration affects Na+,K+-ATPase, acetylcholinesterase and catalase activities in striatum, hippocampus and cerebral cortex of rats

Journal Article published Nov 2006 in International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience volume 24 issue 7 on pages 411 to 417

Authors: Caren Serra Bavaresco, Fabria Chiarani, Moacir Wajner, Carlos Alexandre Netto, Angela Terezinha de Souza Wyse

Monitoring of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment Using 2D-Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2009 in Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation volume 2009 issue 10 on pages 5629 to 5632

Authors: Claudia F. Galinha, Carla Portugal, Gilda Carvalho, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Daniele Chiarani, Gianni Andreottola, Rui Oliveira, Maria A. M. Reis, João G. Crespo

Subcritical fouling behaviour modelling of membrane bioreactors for municipal wastewater treatment: The prediction of the time to reach critical operating condition

Journal Article published Oct 2008 in Desalination volume 231 issue 1-3 on pages 175 to 181

Authors: Devendra P. Saroj, Giuseppe Guglielmi, Daniele Chiarani, Gianni Andreottola

Intrastriatal injection of hypoxanthine alters striatal ectonucleotidase activities: A time-dependent effect

Journal Article published Nov 2008 in Brain Research volume 1239 on pages 198 to 206

Authors: Caren S. Bavaresco, Fabria Chiarani, Janaina Kolling, Denise B. Ramos, Giana P. Cognato, Carla D. Bonan, Maurício R. Bogo, João J.F. Sarkis, Carlos A. Netto, Angela T.S. Wyse

Protective effect of antioxidants on brain oxidative damage caused by proline administration

Journal Article published May 2005 in Neuroscience Research volume 52 issue 1 on pages 69 to 74

Authors: Daniela Delwing, Fábria Chiarani, Caren S. Bavaresco, Clóvis M.D. Wannmacher, Moacir Wajner, Carlos S. Dutra-Filho, Angela T.S. Wyse

α-Tocopherol and Ascorbic Acid Administration Prevents the Impairment of Brain Energy Metabolism of Hyperargininemic Rats

Journal Article published Mar 2006 in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology volume 26 issue 2 on pages 177 to 189

Authors: Débora Delwing, Bárbara Tagliari, Fábria Chiarani, Clovis M. D. Wannmacher, Moacir Wajner, Angela Terezinha de Souza Wyse

Biochemical effects of pretreatment with vitamins E and C in rats submitted to intrastriatal hypoxanthine administration

Journal Article published May 2008 in Neurochemistry International volume 52 issue 6 on pages 1276 to 1283

Authors: Caren Serra Bavaresco, Fabria Chiarani, Janaína Kolling, Carlos Alexandre Netto, Angela Terezinha de Souza Wyse

Dietary soy prevents brain Na+, K+-ATPase reduction in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Journal Article published Aug 2005 in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice volume 69 issue 2 on pages 107 to 112

Authors: Renata Franzon, Fábria Chiarani, Roberta H. Mendes, Adriane Belló-Klein, Angela T.S. Wyse