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Differences in hypertension between informal and formal areas of Ouagadougou, a sub-Saharan African city

Journal Article published 30 Aug 2014 in BMC Public Health volume 14 issue 1

Authors: Boukaré Doulougou, Séni Kouanda, Clémentine Rossier, Abdramane Soura, Maria Victoria Zunzunegui

Malaria prevention measures in Burkina Faso: distribution and households expenditures

Journal Article published 7 Nov 2014 in International Journal for Equity in Health volume 13 issue 1

Authors: Fadima Yaya Bocoum, Danielle Belemsaga, Alex Adjagba, Damian Walker, Seni Kouanda, Halidou Tinto

L'abolition sélective du paiement direct en Afrique subsaharienne : une opportunité pour le renforcement des systèmes de santé ?

Journal Article published 2011 in Santé Publique volume 23 issue 1 on page 61

Authors: Valéry Ridde, Bruno Meessen, Seni Kouanda

Perceptions des communautés sur le paludisme et les vaccins : étude qualitative réalisée dans les districts sanitaires de Kaya et Houndé, au Burkina Faso

Journal Article published 4 Feb 2014 in Global Health Promotion volume 21 issue 1 on pages 76 to 87

Authors: Fadima I. K. Yaya Bocoum, Seni Kouanda, Laura Hinson, Yvette Collymore, Antoinette Ba-Nguz, Allison Bingham

Which incentive package will retain regionalized health personnel in Burkina Faso: a discrete choice experiment

Journal Article published 2014 in Human Resources for Health volume 12 issue Suppl 1 on page S7

Authors: Fadima Yaya Bocoum, Eddine Koné, Seni Kouanda, W Maurice E Yaméogo, Aristide Bado

Prevalence and determinants of Campylobacter infection among under five children with acute watery diarrhea in Mwanza, North Tanzania

Journal Article published 30 May 2014 in Archives of Public Health volume 72 issue 1

Authors: Anna-Pendo Deogratias, Martha F Mushi, Laurent Paterno, Dennis Tappe, Jeremiah Seni, Rogatus Kabymera, Benson R Kidenya, Stephen E Mshana

Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening in Burkina Faso: Needs for Patient and Professional Education

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2015 in Journal of Cancer Education volume 31 issue 4 on pages 760 to 766

Authors: Salomon Compaore, Charlemagne M. R. Ouedraogo, Seni Koanda, Gleb Haynatzki, Robert M. Chamberlain, Amr S. Soliman

Prevalence and factors associated with hypertension in Burkina Faso: a countrywide cross-sectional study

Journal Article published 11 Jan 2017 in BMC Public Health volume 17 issue 1

Research funded by Ministry Of Health Burkina Faso

Authors: Joseph Kouesyandé Soubeiga, Tieba Millogo, Brice W. Bicaba, Boukare Doulougou, Séni Kouanda

The Need for More Research and Public Health Interventions on Dengue Fever in Burkina Faso

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2014 in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases volume 8 issue 6 on page e2859

Authors: Valéry Ridde, Mabel Carabali, Antarou Ly, Thomas Druetz, Seni Kouanda, Emmanuel Bonnet, Slim Haddad

Editors: Michael A. Johansson

Gender differences in mobility disability during young, middle and older age in West African adults

Journal Article published May 2012 in Global Public Health volume 7 issue 5 on pages 495 to 508

Authors: Malgorzata Miszkurka, Maria Victoria Zunzunegui, Étienne V. Langlois, Ellen E. Freeman, Seni Kouanda, Slim Haddad

Diabetes and abnormal glucose regulation in the adult population of Burkina Faso: prevalence and predictors

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2018 in BMC Public Health volume 18 issue 1

Authors: Tieba Millogo, Brice W. Bicaba, Joseph Kouesyandé Soubeiga, Estelle Dabiré, Isaie Médah, Séni Kouanda

Utility of urine and serum lateral flow assays to determine the prevalence and predictors of cryptococcal antigenemia in HIV-positive outpatients beginning antiretroviral therapy in Mwanza, Tanzania

Journal Article published 8 Aug 2014 in Journal of the International AIDS Society volume 17 issue 1

Authors: Kinanga A Magambo, Samuel E Kalluvya, Shikha W Kapoor, Jeremiah Seni, Awilly A Chofle, Daniel W Fitzgerald, Jennifer A Downs

Heavy burden of non-communicable diseases at early age and gender disparities in an adult population of Burkina Faso: world health survey

Journal Article published 10 Jan 2012 in BMC Public Health volume 12 issue 1

Authors: Malgorzata Miszkurka, Slim Haddad, Étienne V Langlois, Ellen E Freeman, Seni Kouanda, Maria Victoria Zunzunegui

Why do women pay more than they should? A mixed methods study of the implementation gap in a policy to subsidize the costs of deliveries in Burkina Faso

Journal Article published Feb 2013 in Evaluation and Program Planning volume 36 issue 1 on pages 145 to 152

Authors: Valéry Ridde, Seni Kouanda, Maurice Yameogo, Kadidiatou Kadio, Aristide Bado

How countries cope with competing demands and expectations: perspectives of different stakeholders on priority setting and resource allocation for health in the era of HIV and AIDS

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in BMC Public Health volume 12 issue 1

Authors: Françoise Jenniskens, Georges Tiendrebeogo, Anne Coolen, Lucie Blok, Seni Kouanda, Fuseini Sataru, Andriamampianina Ralisimalala, Victor Mwapasa, Mbela Kiyombo, David Plummer

Exploring the effects of task shifting for HIV through a systems thinking lens: the case of Burkina Faso

Journal Article published 22 Oct 2013 in BMC Public Health volume 13 issue 1

Authors: Fadima Yaya Bocoum, Seni Kouanda, Bocar Kouyaté, Sennen Hounton, Taghreed Adam

Impact of maternal HAART on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: results of an 18-month follow-up study in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Journal Article published Jul 2010 in AIDS Care volume 22 issue 7 on pages 843 to 850

Authors: Seni Kouanda, Halima Tougri, Mireille Cissé, Jacques Simporé, Virginio Pietra, Boukaré Doulougou, Gautier Ouédraogo, Charlemagne Marie Ouédraogo, Robert Soudré, Blaise Sondo

Communities of practice: the missing link for knowledge management on implementation issues in low-income countries?

Journal Article published 12 May 2011 in Tropical Medicine & International Health volume 16 issue 8 on pages 1007 to 1014

Authors: Bruno Meessen, Seni Kouanda, Laurent Musango, Fabienne Richard, Valéry Ridde, Agnès Soucat

An exploratory analysis of the regionalization policy for the recruitment of health workers in Burkina Faso

Journal Article published 2014 in Human Resources for Health volume 12 issue Suppl 1 on page S6

Authors: Seni Kouanda, W Maurice E Yaméogo, Valéry Ridde, Issa Sombié, Banza Baya, Abel Bicaba, Adama Traoré, Blaise Sondo

Nursing and midwife staffing needs in maternity wards in Burkina Faso referral hospitals

Journal Article published 2014 in Human Resources for Health volume 12 issue Suppl 1 on page S8

Authors: Antarou Ly, Séni Kouanda, Valéry Ridde