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Patient-ventilator interaction: a general model for nonpassive mechanical ventilation

Journal Article published 1 Dec 1998 in Mathematical Medicine and Biology volume 15 issue 4 on pages 321 to 337

Authors: P. Crooke

Stability analysis of a general age-dependent vaccination model for a vertically transmitted disease under the proportionate mixing assumption

Journal Article published 1 Jun 2000 in Mathematical Medicine and Biology volume 17 issue 2 on pages 119 to 136

Authors: M El-Doma

Selectivity of general anesthetics: A new dimension

Journal Article published Apr 1997 in Nature Medicine volume 3 issue 4 on pages 377 to 378

Authors: Nicholas P. Franks, William R. Lieb

Molecular architecture of human polycomb repressive complex 2

Journal Article published 30 Oct 2012 in eLife volume 1

Research funded by Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship | European Union Seventh Framework Program PROSPECTS (HEALTH-F4-2008-201648, HEALTH-F4-2008-201648) | Howard Hughes Medical Institute | European Commission | European Research Council (233226) | Marie Curie Fellowship | National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM63072, GM63072) | ERC advanced grant “Proteomics v3.0” (233226) | EMBO Fellowship | EMBO | Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

Authors: Claudio Ciferri, Gabriel C Lander, Alessio Maiolica, Franz Herzog, Ruedi Aebersold, Eva Nogales

The Ionotropic Receptors IR21a and IR25a mediate cool sensing in Drosophila

Journal Article published 29 Apr 2016 in eLife volume 5

Research funded by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (F32 NS077835) | National Institute of General Medical Sciences (F32 GM113318, P01 GM103770) | European Research Council (205202, 615094)

Authors: Lina Ni, Mason Klein, Kathryn V Svec, Gonzalo Budelli, Elaine C Chang, Anggie J Ferrer, Richard Benton, Aravinthan DT Samuel, Paul A Garrity

IFT trains in different stages of assembly queue at the ciliary base for consecutive release into the cilium

Journal Article published 31 May 2017 in eLife volume 6

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (General Medicine - R01GM110413) | Korea National Institute of Health (General Medicine - R37GM030626)

Authors: Jenna L Wingfield, Ilaria Mengoni, Heather Bomberger, Yu-Yang Jiang, Jonathon D Walsh, Jason M Brown, Tyler Picariello, Deborah A Cochran, Bing Zhu, Junmin Pan, Jonathan Eggenschwiler, Jacek Gaertig, George B Witman, Peter Kner, Karl Lechtreck

General principles for the formation and proliferation of a wall-free (L-form) state in bacteria

Journal Article published 30 Oct 2014 in eLife volume 3

Research funded by European Research Council (250363; OPAL)

Authors: Romain Mercier, Yoshikazu Kawai, Jeff Errington

Lactobacillus salivarius reverse antibiotic-induced lung defense impairment in a ventilator model

Journal Article published 13 Aug 2018 in Journal of Translational Medicine volume 16 issue 1

Research funded by National Science Council (NSC101-2314-B-010-005-MY3) | Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (VGHKS100-055) | Zuoying Armed Forces General Hospital (ZBH 106-12)

Authors: Tzyy-Bin Tsay, Ming-Chieh Yang, Wan-Hsuan Chang, Pei-Hsuan Chen, Lee-Wei Chen

Patched1 and Patched2 inhibit Smoothened non-cell autonomously

Journal Article published 23 Aug 2016 in eLife volume 5

Research funded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences (R01GM097035, 1R01GM117090) | California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (TG2-01164)

Authors: Brock Roberts, Catalina Casillas, Astrid C Alfaro, Carina Jägers, Henk Roelink

European ethicists discuss stem cell research…

Journal Article published Aug 2000 in Nature Medicine volume 6 issue 8 on pages 845 to 845

Authors: Tony Sheldon