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Individual and contextual determinants of perceived peer smoking prevalence among adolescents in six European cities

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Preventive Medicine volume 88 on pages 168 to 175

Research funded by European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (278273)

Authors: Mirte A.G. Kuipers, Pierre-Olivier Robert, Matthias Richter, Katharina Rathmann, Arja H. Rimpelä, Julian Perelman, Bruno Federico, Vincent Lorant, Anton E. Kunst

General Information

Journal Article published Aug 1998 in Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine volume 40 issue 8 on page 759

Authors: &NA;

Hypertension in general practice

Journal Article published Sep 1974 in Preventive Medicine volume 3 issue 3 on pages 313 to 322

Authors: Curtis G. Hames

Dissimilarity between hypertensives: VA study vs. general population

Journal Article published Mar 1978 in Preventive Medicine volume 7 issue 1 on page 34

Hypertension screening and management in general practice

Journal Article published Mar 1978 in Preventive Medicine volume 7 issue 1 on page 113

The General Health Questionnaire

Journal Article published 23 Aug 2006 in Occupational Medicine volume 57 issue 1 on pages 79 to 79

Authors: C. Jackson

Preventive medicine welcomes inquiries which are of general interest to its readers.

Journal Article published Jun 1974 in Preventive Medicine volume 3 issue 2 on pages 294 to 299

Authors: T.C. Tso

Fifty years ago: 'General practice and industrial medicine in the United States'

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2014 in Occupational Medicine volume 64 issue 7 on pages 489 to 489

'Personal Care' and General Practice Medicine in the UK: A qualitative interview study with patients and General Practitioners

Journal Article published 2007 in Osteopathic Medicine and Primary Care volume 1 issue 1 on page 13

Authors: Rachel Adam

Cardiovascular disease screening in general practice: General practitioner recording of common risk factors

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Preventive Medicine volume 99 on pages 282 to 285

Authors: Lyle R. Turner, Flavia Cicuttini, Christopher Pearce, Danielle Mazza