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Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Online and Offline Shopping

JOURNAL ARTICLE published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Priyabrata Roy | Dr. Dhananjoy Datta

Investigating consumer behavior in online shopping among university students in two countries

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 March 2020 in Pressacademia

Authors: Abdulkadir Ozdemir | Mohammad Naserinia

Toward a Theory of Consumer Electronic Shopping Cart Behavior: Motivations of e-Cart Use and Abandonment

BOOK CHAPTER published 4 May 2012 in Online Consumer Behavior

Customer Satisfaction, Trust & Re-Purchase for Online Shopping Behavior for Consumers: An Empirical Investigation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Aditi Batheja


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 August 2016 in International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH

The Effect of Consumer Trust, Attitude and Behavior Toward Consumer Satisfaction in Online Shopping Platform

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behavior Focusing on LAZADA, SHOPPEE and JD

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 9 June 2022 in Business and Economic Research

Authors: Sumas Wongsunopparat | Zhang Yunjia

Explaining Away Epistemic Skepticism about Culpability

BOOK published 24 August 2017 in Oxford Scholarship Online

Authors: Gunnar Björnsson

The Empirical Study of Motivators for Online Shopping Demand Based on Behavior Analysis

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published October 2012 in 2012 Second International Conference on Business Computing and Global Informatization

Authors: Kang Boyu

Analysis Online Shopping Behavior of Consumer Using Decision Tree

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2011 in Advanced Materials Research

Authors: Lei Yue Yao | Jian Ying Xiong

Online Shopping and Catalog Shopping

BOOK CHAPTER published in Web Technologies for Commerce and Services Online

Authors: Maria Madlberger

Explaining technology migration against the change in terms of use: an fsQCA approach

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 April 2024 in Information Technology & People

Authors: Laila Dahabiyeh | Ali Farooq | Farhan Ahmad | Yousra Javed


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 March 2017 in JMB : Jurnal Manajemen dan Bisnis

Authors: Nungky Irma Triyanti | Usman Effendi

Online versus Conventional Shopping: Consumers' Risk Perception and Regulatory Focus

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in CyberPsychology & Behavior

Authors: Guda van Noort | Peter Kerkhof | Bob M. Fennis

Consumer Trust to a Web Site: Moderating Effect of Attitudes toward Online Shopping

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2008 in CyberPsychology & Behavior

Authors: Sonia San Martín | Carmen Camarero

Online Food Shopping Behavior of Retirees Via Grocery and Food Delivery Platforms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Tereza Pilařová | İlkay Unay-Gailhard | Miroslava Bavorova

Online Shopping Behavior during Pandemic

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 25 February 2022 in 2022 The 6th International Conference on Compute and Data Analysis

Authors: Phoey Lee Teh | Angela Siew Hoong Lee | Jie Ying Teo

Research on online shopping user behavior based on information cascade

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 24 September 2021 in 2021 4th International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Aided Education

Authors: Mingsheng Zhao | Yueshu Zhao

Bucksbaum, Martin (1920-1995), shopping center developer

REFERENCE BOOK published March 2006 in American National Biography Online

Authors: Emil Pocock

Online Shopper Behavior: Influences of Online Shopping Decision

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 2011 in Asian Journal of Business Research

Authors: Chayapa Katawetawaraks | SCG Trading Services Co. Ltd | Cheng Lu Wang | University of New Haven