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The Red Sea Regional Security Complex: The Implications of the Red Sea Forum for Ethiopian National Security

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 April 2024 in Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Authors: Mohammed Seid Mohammed

PREFACE to the Special Issue of the Asian Journal of Business Ethics based on the Eighth World Business Ethics Forum: Emerging from Crisis through Socially Responsible and Ethical Business

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 April 2024 in Asian Journal of Business Ethics

Authors: Robin Stanley Snell | Jacky Fok Loi Hong | Tiffany Cheng Han Leung

Mexico and the forum for economic cooperation, Asia-pacific, 1990-2019: Determinants of the sustainable productivity of the wood industry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 March 2024 in Asian Economic and Financial Review

Authors: Cesar Lenin Navarro-Chavez | Odette Virginia Delfin-Ortega | Claudia Trujillo Garcia

Introduction to the Forum: Mediating collaborationism: Cosmopolitism, Asianism, and the recounting of history

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2024 in Modern Asian Studies

Authors: Yun Xia

The Europe-Asia Policy Forum (EUforAsia)

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2023 in The Asian Studies Parade

Artistic Intervention as Scene Construction/Deconstruction: An Analysis of the Display of the Kangxi Throne in the Humboldt Forum in the Context of the Cross-Cultural Exhibition

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 November 2023 in Asian Culture and History

Authors: Fan Zhang

Automatic essay scoring for discussion forum in online learning based on semantic and keyword similarities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 December 2023 in Asian Association of Open Universities Journal

Authors: Bachriah Fatwa Dhini | Abba Suganda Girsang | Unggul Utan Sufandi | Heny Kurniawati

Introduction to Asian Youth Forum: Young, Education, and Culture

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 August 2023 in Asian Youth Forum 27, Maros-Makassar, 7 - 14 August 2023

Authors: Ismail Suardi Wekke

The League of Red Cross Societies’ Development Programme, the 1964 South East Asian Forum, and the Silencing of Asia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 October 2023 in Asian Studies Review

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DP190101171)

Authors: Anna Wilkinson

Evaluating a Culturally Tailored Public Health Forum in Improving the Knowledge and Understanding of Chronic Disease Management in the Chinese Population: A Mixed-methods Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 March 2023 in Journal of Asian Health

Authors: Jayneel Limbachia | Hollis Owens | Maryam Matean | Imelda Suen | Sophia Khan | Helen Novak-Lauscher | Barbara Ho | Kendall Ho

Analysing Tertiary Students’ Reading Proficiency of CEFR Aligned Texts via Online Discussion Forum in a Learning Management System

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2023 in Asian Journal of University Education

Introduction to the Special Forum, “Approaches to Science, Technology, and Environment in Chinese History”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 January 2023 in Asian Review of World Histories

Authors: Xin Zhang

A multicenter survey of effects and challenges of an 8K ultra‐high‐definition endoscopy system compared to existing endoscopy systems for endoscopic surgery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Asian Journal of Endoscopic Surgery

Authors: Yohei Kono | Masafumi Inomata | Yasuo Sumi | Seiji Ohigashi | Satoshi Ieiri | Toshitaka Shin | Toshihiko Shinohara | Tetsuya Abe | Atsushi Osoegawa | Masato Fujisawa | Toshiyuki Mori | Yuko Kitagawa | Seigo Kitano | the Forum of 8K Endoscopy Medical Application Forum

The ASEAN Regional Forum at 25: Moving Forward or Standing Still?

BOOK CHAPTER published February 2022 in Series on Asian Regional Cooperation Studies

Authors: Ralph A. Cossa | Paul Evans

Is ASEAN Centrality Being Undermined by the US–China Institutional Competition? An Analysis Based on ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)

BOOK CHAPTER published February 2022 in Series on Asian Regional Cooperation Studies

Authors: Lin Wu

The International Forum on COVID19 in Asian Context

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Asian Pacific Journal of Health Economics and Policy

Photography in Indonesian Archaeology of the 19th to the Early 20th Century | Fotografi dalam Arkeologi Indonesia pada Abad ke-19 sampai Awal Abad ke-20 Masehi

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 17 December 2021 in SPAFACON 2021: Papers from the SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology and Fine Arts, 13-17 December 2021

Authors: Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Cultural Science, Gadjah Mada University

Co-Minding on Paradigmatic View of Community Problem-Solving: Introduction of Special Forum

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 September 2021 in Asian Communication Research

Authors: Sungeun Chung

Review of ‘British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) Annual Conference, 8-11 April 2021’


Authors: Aniarani Andita XXXMLAUTOR Aditi Krishnan [अदिदि कृ ष्ण]

A Safe-Asset Perspective for an Integrated Policy Framework

BOOK CHAPTER published August 2021 in The Asian Monetary Policy Forum

Authors: Markus K. Brunnermeier | Sebastian Merkel | Yuliy Sannikov