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Checklist of the Shore and epipelagic fishes of Tonga

Journal Article published 2004 in Atoll Research Bulletin issue 502 on pages 1 to 35

Authors: John E. Randall, Jeffrey T. Williams, David G. Smith, M. Kulbicki, Tham, G. Mou Tham, G. Mou, P. Labrosse, M. Kronen, E. Clua, B. S. Mann

Comparison of visual census and high definition video transects for monitoring coral reef fish assemblages

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Fisheries Research volume 107 issue 1-3 on pages 84 to 93

Authors: Dominique Pelletier, Kévin Leleu, Gérard Mou-Tham, Nicolas Guillemot, Pascale Chabanet

Factors affecting the detection distances of reef fish: implications for visual counts

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2011 in Marine Biology volume 158 issue 5 on pages 969 to 981

Authors: Yves-Marie Bozec, Michel Kulbicki, Francis Laloë, Gérard Mou-Tham, Didier Gascuel

Lecomte, Rard, for Gérard

Entry published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Vaucouleurs, Gérard Henri de

Entry published in SpringerReference

Figure 11. Our model of RarD has a similar architecture to EmrE but different fold.

Component published

Tham, Otto

Reference published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists


Journal Article published Nov 1960 in Anesthesiology volume 21 issue 6 on page 785

Authors: G. L. Brinkman

Oxaliplatin In Operable Colorectal Cancer

Journal Article published 2005 in Drugs volume 65 issue 1 on pages 97 to 98

Authors: G??rard Milano


Journal Article published 1998 in Drugs volume 55 issue 3 on page 413

Authors: G??rald Pi??rard

Adipose Tissue Protocols

Book published 1 Mar 2001

Authors: G�rard Ailhaud

Management Control Artefacts

Chapter published in Materiality and Time

Authors: Émilie Bérard


Chapter published in Economies in Transition

Authors: Gérard Roland

Gastrointestinal emergencies

Book published 20 Nov 2015

Editors: Tony C. K. Tham, John S. A. Collins, Roy Soetikno

Approach to jaundice

Chapter published 20 Jan 2016 in Gastrointestinal emergencies on pages 25 to 33

Authors: Tony C. K. Tham

Approach to acute abdominal pain

Chapter published 20 Jan 2016 in Gastrointestinal emergencies on pages 19 to 24

Authors: Tony C. K. Tham

Wu Mou

Entry published 31 Oct 2011 in Benezit Dictionary of Artists

Mou And The Xin Rujia Movement

Chapter published in The Thought of Mou Zongsan on pages 255 to 280

New crosslinking processes

Journal Article published 1974 in Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society volume 57 on page 27

Authors: G�rard Beinert, Ahmed Belkebir-Mrani, Jean Herz, G�rard Hild, Paul Rempp

Patterns of follicular sebum excretion rate during lifetime

Journal Article published 1987 in Archives of Dermatological Research volume 279 issue S1 on pages S104 to S107

Authors: G. E. Pi�rard, C. Pi�rard-Franchimont, T. L�, C. Lapi�re