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Evolution of sex-chromosomes in lacertid lizards

Journal Article published Dec 1987 in Chromosoma volume 96 issue 1 on pages 33 to 38

Authors: Ettore Olmo, Gaetano Odierna, Teresa Capriglione

Journal Article published 2002 in Chromosome Research volume 10 issue 2 on pages 127 to 136

Authors: Miguel Vences, Gennaro Aprea, Teresa Capriglione, Franco Andreone, Gaetano Odierna

Journal Article published 2000 in Chromosome Research volume 8 issue 5 on pages 435 to 442

Authors: Gaetano Odierna, Franco Andreone, Gennaro Aprea, Oscar Arribas, Teresa Capriglione, Miguel Vences

Base composition of DNA from some reptiles

Journal Article published Jan 1977 in Journal of Experimental Zoology volume 199 issue 1 on pages 143 to 148

Authors: Ettore Olmo, Gaetano Odierna

Karyological differentiation between two forms of the Chalcides chalcides complex (Scincidae)

Journal Article published 1992 in Amphibia-Reptilia volume 13 issue 2 on pages 193 to 196

Authors: Gaetano Odierna, Vincenzo Caputo

Characterization of a Tc1-like transposon in the Antarctic ice-fish, Chionodraco hamatus

Journal Article published Aug 2002 in Gene volume 295 issue 2 on pages 193 to 198

Authors: Teresa Capriglione, Gaetano Odierna, Vincenzo Caputo, Adriana Canapa, Ettore Olmo

Molecular cytogenetic study of three common Mediterranean limpets, Patella caerulea, P. rustica and P. ulyssiponensis (Archaeogastropoda, Mollusca)

Journal Article published 24 Sep 2009 in Genetica volume 138 issue 2 on pages 219 to 225

Authors: Agnese Petraccioli, Fabio Maria Guarino, Nicola Maio, Gaetano Odierna

Chromosomes of Lepidochitona caprearum (Scacchi, 1836) (Polyplacophora, Acanthochitonina, Tonicellidae) provide insights into Acanthochitonina karyological evolution

Journal Article published 12 Dec 2012 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 6 issue 4 on pages 397 to 407

Authors: Gaetano Odierna, Agnese Petraccioli, Nicola Maio

Morphological Differentiation and Genetic Structure in Island Lizard Populations

Journal Article published May 2008 in Zoological Science volume 25 issue 5 on pages 465 to 474

Authors: Domenico Fulgione, Serena Guglielmi, Gaetano Odierna, Daniela Rippa, Maria F. Caliendo, Rakesh K. Rastogi

Karyological evidence for diversification of Italian slow worm populations (Squamata, Anguidae)

Journal Article published 23 Sep 2013 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 7 issue 3 on pages 217 to 227

Authors: Marcello Mezzasalma, Fabio Maria Guarino, Gennaro Aprea, Agnese Petraccioli, Angelica Crottini, Gaetano Odierna

Chromosomal Rearrangements Occurred Repeatedly and Independently during Species Diversification in Malagasy Geckos, GenusParoedura

Journal Article published Apr 2013 in African Zoology volume 48 issue 1 on pages 96 to 108

Authors: Gennaro Aprea, Franco Andreone, Domenico Fulgione, Agnese Petraccioli, Gaetano Odierna

Comparative Cytogenetic Study in Four Alopiinae Door Snails (Gastropoda, Clausiliidae)

Journal Article published Apr 2015 in Malacologia volume 58 issue 1-2 on pages 225 to 232

Authors: Agnese Petraccioli, Teresa Capriglione, Mariastella Colomba, Paolo Crovato, Gaetano Odierna, Ignazio Sparacio, Nicola Maio

Further data on the occurrence and evolution of satellite DNA families in the lacertid genome

Journal Article published Jul 1994 in Chromosome Research volume 2 issue 4 on pages 327 to 330

Authors: Teresa Capriglione, Anna Cardone, Gaetano Odierna, Ettore Olmo

A chromosomal study ofEumecesandScincus,primitive members of the Scincidae (Reptilia, Squamata)

Journal Article published Jan 1994 in Bolletino di zoologia volume 61 issue 2 on pages 155 to 162

Authors: Vincenzo Caputo, Gaetano Odierna, Gennaro Aprea

Characterisation of 5S rDNA inGasterosteus aculeatus(Teleostei, Gasterosteidae)

Journal Article published Jan 1999 in Italian Journal of Zoology volume 66 issue 3 on pages 285 to 289

Authors: Lucia Rocco, Consiglia Russo, Vincenzo Stingo, Gennaro Aprea, Gaetano Odierna

Introduction to the proceedings of the 4thnational congress of thesocietas herpetologica Italica

Journal Article published Jan 2004 in Italian Journal of Zoology volume 71 issue sup2 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: Orfeo Picariello, Gaetano Odierna, Fabio M. Guarino

The karyology of the cyprinid genera Scardinius and Rutilus in southern Europe

Journal Article published Dec 2004 in Ichthyological Research volume 51 issue 4 on pages 392 to 392

Authors: Pier Giorgio Bianco, Gennaro Aprea, Emilio Balletto, Teresa Capriglione, Domenico Fulgione, Gaetano Odierna

Karyological Comparison of Sphenops sepsoides, Chalcides chalcides, and C. ocellatus (Reptilia: Scincidae): Taxonomic Implications

Journal Article published 28 Dec 1993 in Copeia volume 1993 issue 4 on page 1180

Authors: Vincenzo Caputo, Gaetano Odierna, Gennaro Aprea

Evidence for chromosome and Pst I satellite DNA family evolutionary stasis in the Bufo viridis group (Amphibia, Anura)

Journal Article published 2004 in Chromosome Research volume 12 issue 7 on pages 671 to 681

Authors: Gaetano Odierna, Gennaro Aprea, Teresa Capriglion, Sergio Castellano, Emilio Balletto

Journal Article published 2003 in Chromosome Research volume 11 issue 2 on pages 165 to 178

Authors: Herman A. J. in den Bosch, Gaetano Odierna, Gennaro Aprea, Marco Barucca, Adriana Canapa, Teresa Capriglione, Ettore Olmo