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EcoChips für die Erforschung mikrobieller Lebensgemeinschaften

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in BIOspektrum volume 19 issue 4 on pages 382 to 385

Authors: Alfons R. Weig, Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold

A Transcriptome—Targeting EcoChip for Assessing Functional Mycodiversity

Journal Article published 31 Oct 2011 in Microarrays volume 1 issue 1 on pages 25 to 41

Authors: Derek Peršoh, Alfons R. Weig, Gerhard Rambold

The Inter-Lecanoralean Associations

Journal Article published 1994 in The Bryologist volume 97 issue 1 on page 111

Authors: Irwin M. Brodo, Gerhard Rambold, Dagmar Triebel

A Conspectus of the Genus Phacopsis (Lecanorales)

Journal Article published 1995 in The Bryologist volume 98 issue 1 on page 71

Authors: Dagmar Triebel, Gerhard Rambold, John A. Elix

Photobionts in Lichens: Possible Indicators of Phylogenetic Relationships?

Journal Article published 1998 in The Bryologist volume 101 issue 3 on page 392

Authors: Gerhard Rambold, Thomas Friedl, Andreas Beck

Computer-Aided Identification Systems for Biology, with Particular Reference to Lichens

Chapter published 2002 in Protocols in Lichenology on pages 536 to 553

Authors: Gerhard Rambold

Phacopsis — A lichenicolous genus of the family Parmeliaceae

Journal Article published Feb 2002 in Mycological Progress volume 1 issue 1 on pages 43 to 55

Authors: Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold

The Diversity of Lichenised Fungi: Ecosystem Functions and Ecosystem Services

Chapter published 2015 in Recent Advances in Lichenology on pages 121 to 145

Authors: Luciana Zedda, Gerhard Rambold

A Method to Establish and Revise Descriptive Data Sets over the Internet

Journal Article published Aug 2000 in Taxon volume 49 issue 3 on page 517

Authors: Gregor Hagedorn, Gerhard Rambold

Lichen-associated fungi of the Letharietum vulpinae

Journal Article published 29 Sep 2011 in Mycological Progress volume 11 issue 3 on pages 753 to 760

Authors: Derek Peršoh, Gerhard Rambold