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Online resources for chromosome number databases

Journal Article published 2 Oct 2014 in Caryologia volume 67 issue 4 on pages 292 to 295

Authors: Lorenzo Peruzzi, Gianni Bedini

Chromosome number variation in two antipodean floras

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2011 in AoB PLANTS volume 2011

Authors: Lorenzo Peruzzi, Murray I. Dawson, Gianni Bedini

Systematic and morphologic survey of orbicules in allergenic angiosperms

Journal Article published 8 Jun 2018 in Aerobiologia volume 34 issue 3 on pages 405 to 422

Authors: Franco Ruggiero, Gianni Bedini

The flora of the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy): survey of biosystematic investigations

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2006 in Willdenowia volume 36 issue 1 on pages 149 to 155

Authors: Fabio Garbari, Gianni Bedini

Comparative assessment of reproductive traits across different habitats in the endangered Webb’s hyacinth (Bellevalia webbiana Parl.)

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2018 in Nature Conservation volume 24 on pages 81 to 92

Authors: Giovanni Astuti, Gianni Bedini, Angelino Carta, Francesco Roma-Marzio, Alberto Trinco, Lorenzo Peruzzi

Unscrambling phylogenetic effects and ecological determinants of chromosome number in major angiosperm clades

Journal Article published 24 Sep 2018 in Scientific Reports volume 8 issue 1

Authors: Angelino Carta, Gianni Bedini, Lorenzo Peruzzi

A comparison of plant chromosome number variation among Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily, the three largest Mediterranean islands

Journal Article published 2 Oct 2015 in Caryologia volume 68 issue 4 on pages 289 to 293

Authors: Gianni Bedini, Lorenzo Peruzzi

Does chromosome number count? Mapping karyological knowledge on Italian flora in a phylogenetic framework

Journal Article published 12 Jan 2012 in Plant Systematics and Evolution volume 298 issue 4 on pages 739 to 750

Authors: Gianni Bedini, Fabio Garbari, Lorenzo Peruzzi

Genetic structure of Rhamnus glaucophylla Sommier endemic to Tuscany

Journal Article published 28 May 2011 in Plant Systematics and Evolution volume 294 issue 3-4 on pages 273 to 280

Authors: Gianni Bedini, Angelino Carta, Giovanni Zecca, Fabrizio Grassi, Gabriele Casazza, Luigi Minuto

Personal private herbaria: a valuable but neglected source of floristic data. The case of Italian collections today

Journal Article published 17 Mar 2017 in Italian Botanist volume 3 on pages 7 to 15

Authors: Francesco Roma-Marzio, Lorenzo Peruzzi, Gianni Bedini

Can the IUCN criteria be effectively applied to peripheral isolated plant populations?

Journal Article published 10 Jul 2009 in Biodiversity and Conservation volume 18 issue 14 on pages 3877 to 3890

Authors: Thomas Abeli, Rodolfo Gentili, Graziano Rossi, Gianni Bedini, Bruno Foggi

Mating system modulates degree of seed dormancy in Hypericum elodes L. (Hypericaceae)

Journal Article published 22 Jul 2015 in Seed Science Research volume 25 issue 03 on pages 299 to 305

Authors: Angelino Carta, Gianni Bedini, Angela Giannotti, Laura Savio, Lorenzo Peruzzi

Demography and reproductive performance of Calystegia soldanella on a sandy seashore in Tuscany, Italy

Journal Article published Feb 2015 in Botany volume 93 issue 2 on pages 101 to 108

Authors: Alice Di Sacco, Gianni Bedini

Five-Year Recurrence Probabilities in 330 Patients Curatively Resected for Stage Ia Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Journal Article published Apr 1987 in Tumori Journal volume 73 issue 2 on pages 131 to 137

Authors: Amedeo Vittorio Bedini, Ignazio Cataldo, Maurizio Yalente, Gianni Ravasi

Pilot Study with Adriamycin and Ifosfamide in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Journal Article published Feb 1989 in Tumori Journal volume 75 issue 1 on pages 34 to 37

Authors: Paolo Bidoli, Silvia Spinazzé, Armando Santoro, Amedeo V. Bedini, Ignazio Cataldo, Gianni Bonadonna

Impact on Survival of the Extent of Resection in Unrelapsed Lung Cancer

Journal Article published Feb 1983 in Tumori Journal volume 69 issue 1 on pages 69 to 74

Authors: Amedeo Vittorio Bedini, Ugo Pastorino, Maurizio Valente, Gianni Ravasi

Mediterranean sea cliff plants: morphological and physiological responses to environmental conditions

Journal Article published 10 May 2015 in Journal of Plant Ecology volume 9 issue 2 on pages 153 to 164

Authors: Daniela Ciccarelli, Piero Picciarelli, Gianni Bedini, Carlo Sorce

Fitogeografia apuana. Il genere Sphagnum (Bryophyta): distribuzione attuale e aspetti di conservazione

Journal Article published 2006 in Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography volume 27

Authors: Lucia Amadei, Emanuele Guazzi, Gianni Bedini

Fitogeografia apuana. Il genere Saxifraga sulle Alpi Apuane: status delle conoscenze e aspetti di conservazione

Journal Article published 2006 in Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography volume 27

Authors: Giuseppe Cataldi, Maria Ansaldi, Gianni Bedini, Fabio Garbari

Fitogeografia apuana. Aggiornamenti biosistematici, tassonomici e corologici sulle Spermatophyta endemiche, relitte e critiche

Journal Article published 2007 in Biogeographia – The Journal of Integrative Biogeography volume 28

Authors: Fabio Garbari, Gianni Bedini, Maria Ansaldi, Dino Marchetti