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Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Webbia volume 66 issue 1 on pages 119 to 119

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina

Biodiversity in Italy

Chapter published 7 Dec 2018 in Global Biodiversity on pages 203 to 253

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina, Zapparoli Marzio

Orobanche cohenii (Orobanchaceae) a new species from Israel

Journal Article published 2014 in Flora Mediterranea volume 24 on pages 63 to 69

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina, Avinoam Danin

Limonium cedrorumsp. nov. (Plumbaginaceae) from Lebanon

Journal Article published 17 Aug 2012 in Nordic Journal of Botany volume 31 issue 2 on pages 194 to 197

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina, Francesco M. Raimondo

Ptilostemon greuteri (Compositae),a new species from Sicily

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2006 in Willdenowia volume 36 issue 1 on pages 169 to 175

Authors: Francesco M. Raimondo, Gianniantonio Domina

Orobanche apuana (Orobanchaceae) a new species endemic to Italy

Journal Article published 8 May 2015 in Phytotaxa volume 207 issue 2 on page 163

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina, Adriano Soldano

The Acharius Medals 2014 Awarded to P.L. Nimis and P. Crittenden

Journal Article published 22 Dec 2014 in Taxon volume 63 issue 6 on pages 1401 to 1401

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina

A Note on the Type of Orobanche sanguinea C. Presl (Orobanchaceae), nom. cons. prop.

Journal Article published 1 May 2005 in Taxon volume 54 issue 2 on page 500

Authors: Gianniantonio Domina, Werner Greuter, Pietro Mazzola

On the real identity of theStrelitziacultivated in Sicily’s historic gardens

Journal Article published 5 Jun 2016 in Webbia volume 71 issue 2 on pages 209 to 211

Authors: Manlio Speciale, Gianniantonio Domina

Host-driven morphological variability in Orobanche crenata (Orobanchaceae)

Journal Article published 24 Jul 2018 in TURKISH JOURNAL OF BOTANY volume 42 issue 4 on pages 502 to 509

Authors: Gianniantonio DOMINA