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Invasive Alien Plants in Protected Areas in Mediterranean Islands: Knowledge Gaps and Main Threats

Chapter published 2013 in Plant Invasions in Protected Areas on pages 395 to 422

Authors: Giuseppe Brundu

The Flora of Chad: a checklist and brief analysis

Journal Article published 13 May 2013 in PhytoKeys volume 23 issue 0 on pages 1 to 18

Authors: Giuseppe Brundu, Ignazio Camarda

The Exotic Flora of Chad: A First Contribution1

Journal Article published Dec 2004 in Weed Technology volume 18 issue sp1 on pages 1226 to 1231


Diversity and ecology of terricolous bryophyte and lichen communities in coastal areas of Sardinia (Italy)

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2011 in Nova Hedwigia volume 92 issue 1 on pages 159 to 175

Authors: Annalena Cogoni, Giuseppe Brundu, Luciana Zedda

A catalogue of non-native weeds in irrigated crops in Sardinia (Italy)

Journal Article published 2 Jan 2014 in Webbia volume 69 issue 1 on pages 145 to 156

Authors: Tiziana A. Cossu, Ignazio Camarda, Giuseppe Brundu

Prioritisation of aquatic invasive alien plants in South America with the US Aquatic Weed Risk Assessment

Journal Article published 20 Jun 2016 in Hydrobiologia volume 812 issue 1 on pages 115 to 130

Authors: Vanessa Lozano, Giuseppe Brundu

Planted forests and invasive alien trees in Europe: A Code for managing existing and future plantings to mitigate the risk of negative impacts from invasions

Journal Article published 23 Jun 2016 in NeoBiota volume 30 on pages 5 to 47

Authors: Giuseppe Brundu, David M. Richardson

Native and non-native aquatic plants of South America: comparing and integrating GBIF records with literature data

Journal Article published 2017 in Management of Biological Invasions volume 8 issue 3 on pages 443 to 454

Authors: Vanessa Lozano, Daniel Chapman, Giuseppe Brundu

The Origin of Clonal Diversity and Structure of Populus alba in Sardinia: Evidence from Nuclear and Plastid Microsatellite Markers

Journal Article published 9 Oct 2008 in Annals of Botany volume 102 issue 6 on pages 997 to 1006

Authors: Giuseppe Brundu, Renato Lupi, Ilaria Zapelli, Tiziana Fossati, Giuseppe Patrignani, Ignazio Camarda, Francesco Sala, Stefano Castiglione

Il diavolo fra i pastori

Journal Article published 1948 in Books Abroad volume 22 issue 2 on page 202

Authors: Michele Cantarella, Francesco Brundu

Il salto delle pecore matte

Journal Article published 1951 in Books Abroad volume 25 issue 2 on page 165

Authors: Thomas G. Bergin, Francesco Brundu

Mutual effect of Phragmites australis, Arundo donax and immobilization agents on arsenic and trace metals phytostabilization in polluted soils

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Geoderma volume 314 on pages 63 to 72

Authors: Paola Castaldi, Margherita Silvetti, Rebeca Manzano, Giuseppe Brundu, Pier Paolo Roggero, Giovanni Garau

Priority invasive alien plants in the Tuscan Archipelago (Italy): comparing the EPPO prioritization scheme with the Australian WRA

Journal Article published 17 Feb 2016 in Biological Invasions volume 18 issue 5 on pages 1317 to 1333

Authors: Lorenzo Lazzaro, Bruno Foggi, Giulio Ferretti, Giuseppe Brundu

Neuroendocrine Response to the Serotonin Agonist M-Chlorophenylpiperazine in Women with Menstrual Status migrainosus

Journal Article published 2003 in Neuroendocrinology volume 78 issue 1 on pages 52 to 60

Authors: Rossella E. Nappi, Grazia Sances, Benedetta Brundu, Natascia Ghiotto, Silvia Detaddei, Caterina Biancardi, Franco Polatti, Giuseppe Nappi

Five major invasive alien tree species in European Union forest habitat types of the Alpine and Continental biogeographical regions

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Journal for Nature Conservation volume 43 on pages 227 to 238

Authors: Thomas Campagnaro, Giuseppe Brundu, Tommaso Sitzia

Twenty-five years of conferences on the Ecology and Management of Alien Plant invasions: the history of EMAPi 1992–2017

Journal Article published 9 Nov 2018 in Biological Invasions

Research funded by Grantová Agentura České Republiky (14-36079G) | Akademie Věd České Republiky (RVO 67985939)

Authors: Petr Pyšek, Giuseppe Brundu, John Brock, Lois Child, Max Wade

Consistent performance of invasive plant species within and among islands of the Mediterranean basin

Journal Article published 12 Mar 2008 in Biological Invasions volume 10 issue 6 on pages 847 to 858

Authors: Anna Traveset, Giuseppe Brundu, Luisa Carta, Irene Mprezetou, Philip Lambdon, Manuela Manca, Frédéric Médail, Eva Moragues, Javier Rodríguez-Pérez, Akis-Stavros D. Siamantziouras, Carey M. Suehs, Andreas Y. Troumbis, Montserrat Vilà, Philip E. Hulme

Consistency in the habitat degree of invasion for three invasive plant species across Mediterranean islands

Journal Article published 27 Nov 2009 in Biological Invasions volume 12 issue 8 on pages 2537 to 2548

Authors: Laurence Affre, Carey M. Suehs, Stéphane Charpentier, Montserrat Vilà, Giuseppe Brundu, Philip Lambdon, Anna Traveset, Philip E. Hulme

Widespread resistance of Mediterranean island ecosystems to the establishment of three alien species

Journal Article published Sep 2008 in Diversity and Distributions volume 14 issue 5 on pages 839 to 851

Authors: Montserrat Vilà, Akis-Stavros D. Siamantziouras, Giuseppe Brundu, Ignazio Camarda, Philip Lambdon, Frédéric Médail, Eva Moragues, Carey M. Suehs, Anna Traveset, Andreas Y. Troumbis, Philip E. Hulme

The prioritisation of a short list of alien plants for risk analysis within the framework of the Regulation (EU) No. 1143/2014

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2017 in NeoBiota volume 35 on pages 87 to 118

Authors: Rob Tanner, Etienne Branquart, Giuseppe Brundu, Serge Buholzer, Daniel Chapman, Pierre Ehret, Guillaume Fried, Uwe Starfinger, Johan van Valkenburg