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book review: How Daisies conquered the world

Journal Article published 12 Apr 2012 in Frontiers of Biogeography volume 2 issue 1

Authors: Hanno Schaefer

Melothria domingensis (Cucurbitaceae), an endangered Caribbean endemic, is a Cayaponia

Journal Article published 6 Dec 2012 in PhytoKeys volume 18 issue 0 on pages 45 to 60

Authors: Hanno Schaefer, Michael Nee

Dispersal limitation or habitat quality – what shapes the distribution ranges of ferns?

Chapter published in Biogeography of Microscopic Organisms on pages 234 to 243

Authors: Hanno Schaefer

Editors: Diego Fontaneto

Electronic Supplement to: Phylogeny of Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) with special focus on Asia

Journal Article published 2018 in Taxon

Authors: Mayank D. Dwivedi, Siobhan Barfield, Arun K. Pandey, Hanno Schaefer

On the origin and systematic position of the Azorean goldenrod, Solidago azorica (Asteraceae)

Journal Article published 29 May 2015 in Phytotaxa volume 210 issue 1 on page 47

Authors: Hanno Schaefer

Plant Evolution: Pulses of Extinction and Speciation in Gymnosperm Diversity

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Current Biology volume 21 issue 24 on pages R995 to R998

Authors: Charles C. Davis, Hanno Schaefer

Evolution: Pollen or Pollinators — Which Came First?

Journal Article published Apr 2013 in Current Biology volume 23 issue 8 on pages R316 to R318

Authors: Simone C. Cappellari, Hanno Schaefer, Charles C. Davis

Mutation rates in seeds and seed-banking influence substitution rates across the angiosperm phylogeny

Posted Content published 27 Jun 2017

Authors: Marcel Dann, Sidonie Bellot, Sylwia Schepella, Hanno Schaefer, Aurelien Tellier

From European Priority Species to Invasive Weed: Marsilea azorica (Marsileaceae) is a Misidentified Alien

Journal Article published 14 Nov 2011 in Systematic Botany volume 36 issue 4 on pages 845 to 853

Authors: Hanno Schaefer, Mark A Carine, Fred J Rumsey

Addition to the flora of the Azores archipelago (Table of contents)

Journal Article published 29 May 2016 in Phytotaxa volume 210 issue 1 on page 3