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Mangrove Forest Cover Changes in Indian Sundarban (1986–2012) Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Chapter published 25 Sep 2016 in Springer Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry on pages 97 to 108

Authors: Kaberi Samanta, Sugata Hazra

Journal Article published 1997 in Biotechnology Letters volume 19 issue 2 on pages 159 to 162

Authors: A. Mukhopadhyay, P.P. Hazra, T. Sengupta, A.K. Ghosh, S. Sengupta

Rabi type oscillations in damped two-dimensional single electron quantum dots

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2012 in Open Physics volume 10 issue 4

Authors: Madhuri Mukhopadhyay, Ram Hazra, Manas Ghosh, Samaresh Mukherjee, Shankar Bhattacharyya

Environment and Earth Observation

Book published 2017 in Springer Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

Editors: S. Hazra, A. Mukhopadhyay, A. R. Ghosh, D. Mitra, V. K. Dadhwal

Properties of polycrystalline silicon films prepared from fluorinated precursors

Journal Article published Jan 1999 in Thin Solid Films volume 337 issue 1-2 on pages 7 to 11

Authors: Swati Ray, Sumita Mukhopadhyay, S.C Saha, Sukti Hazra

Protein-Protein Interaction Conferring Stability to an Extracellular Acetyl (Xylan) Esterase Produced by Termitomyces clypeatus

Journal Article published 6 Jun 2003 in Biotechnology Progress volume 19 issue 3 on pages 720 to 726

Authors: A. Mukhopadhyay, P.P. Hazra, T. Sengupta, R. Saha, R. Nandi, S. Sengupta

Regulation of protein secretion by mycelial culture of the mushroom Termitomyces clypeatus

Journal Article published 17 Jan 2006 in FEMS Microbiology Letters volume 154 issue 2 on pages 239 to 243

Authors: P.P Hazra, Trishna Sengupta, A Mukhopadhyay, A.K Ghosh, M Mukherjee, S Sengupta

Termitomyces clypeatuscontrols secretion of extracellular amyloglucosidase by regulating exocytosis of vacuolar enzyme

Journal Article published Jan 1998 in FEMS Microbiology Letters volume 158 issue 1 on pages 101 to 105

Authors: Trishna Sengupta, P.P Hazra, A Mukhopadhyay, S Sengupta

Different Facets of Perseveration: An Analysis From Brain Lesion Cases

Dataset published in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Pritha Mukhopadhyay, Aparna Dutt, Arindam Basu, Abhijit Hazra, Tapan Dhibar, Shyamal Kr. Das

Polarization phase shifting interferometric technique for phase calibration of a reflective phase spatial light modulator

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2013 in Optical Engineering volume 52 issue 3 on page 035602

Authors: Somparna Mukhopadhyay, Sanjukta Sarkar, Kallol Bhattacharya, Lakshminarayan Hazra