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The geographical segregation of human lice preceded that of Pediculus humanus capitis and Pediculus humanus humanus

Journal Article published Jun 2003 in Comptes Rendus Biologies volume 326 issue 6 on pages 565 to 574

Authors: Zhu Yong, Pierre-Édouard Fournier, Elena Rydkina, Didier Raoult

Pediculus humanus capitis (head lice) and Pediculus humanus humanus (body lice): response to laboratory temperature and humidity and susceptibility to monoterpenoids

Journal Article published 26 Feb 2009 in Parasitology Research volume 105 issue 1 on pages 163 to 167

Authors: A. Gallardo, G. Mougabure Cueto, M. I. Picollo

Syphilis Sive Morbus Humanus.

Journal Article published 1 Oct 1937 in Annals of Internal Medicine volume 11 issue 4 on page 694

On-site phytoremediation applicability assessment in Alur Ilmu, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia based on spatial and pollution removal analyses

Journal Article published 14 Sep 2017 in Environmental Science and Pollution Research volume 24 issue 29 on pages 22873 to 22884

Research funded by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Top Down Research Grant (TD-2014-015) and Dana Impak Perdana (DIP-2015-008))

Authors: Mohd Hafiyyan Mahmud, Khai Ern Lee, Thian Lai Goh

Response of Pediculus humanus humanus (Pediculidae: Phthiraptera) to water or 70% ethanol immersion and determination of optimal times for measuring toxic effects

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2010 in Parasitology Research volume 106 issue 6 on pages 1503 to 1506

Authors: Gastón Mougabure Cueto, María Inés Picollo

Zur Frage des Verwendungsstoffwechsels des Typus humanus und des Typus bovinus des Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Journal Article published 1955 in Pathobiology volume 18 issue 5 on pages 989 to 996

Authors: H. Braun

Model for the control of pediculus humanus capitis

Journal Article published Sep 1996 in Public Health volume 110 issue 5 on pages 283 to 288

Authors: Z. Vermaak


Journal Article published 3 Jun 1916 in BMJ volume 1 issue 2892 on pages 788 to 789

Authors: A. Bacot


Journal Article published 19 Nov 1921 in BMJ volume 2 issue 3177 on pages 853 to 853

Authors: A. Bacot

Pediculus humanus: Ectoparasite?

Journal Article published 2007 in Acta Cytologica volume 51 issue 1 on pages 115 to 115

Authors: Arati Bhatia, Vinod K. Arora, Navjeevan Singh