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Enzymes in Bioenergy

Chapter published 6 Dec 2010 in Routes to Cellulosic Ethanol on pages 97 to 113

Authors: Viviane I. Serpa, Igor Polikarpov

Adjustable x-ray phase plate and phase modulator

Journal Article published 12 Oct 1998 in Applied Physics Letters volume 73 issue 15 on pages 2096 to 2097

Authors: Igor Polikarpov

Structure, Substrate Complexation and Reaction Mechanism of Bacterial Asparaginases

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2007 in Current Chemical Biology volume 1 issue 1 on pages 75 to 86

Authors: Mario Sanches, Sandra Krauchenco, Igor Polikarpov

Simulated Annealing of Two Electron Density Solution Systems

Chapter published 1 Sep 2008 in Simulated Annealing

Authors: Mario de Oliveira Neto, Ronaldo Luiz, Fabio Lima, Osvaldo N. Oliveira Jr, Igor Polikarpov, Yvonne Primerano

Phasing on Rapidly Soaked Ions

Chapter published 2003 in Methods in Enzymology on pages 120 to 137

Authors: Ronaldo A.P Nagem, Igor Polikarpov, Zbigniew Dauter

Biodiversity of free-living flagellates in Kuwait’s intertidal sediments

Journal Article published 28 Dec 2009 in BioRisk volume 3 on pages 97 to 110

Authors: Maria Saburova, Faiza Al-Yamani, Igor Polikarpov


Journal Article published Feb 1998 in International Dairy Journal volume 8 issue 2 on pages 65 to 72

Authors: Lindsay Sawyer, Sharon Brownlow, Igor Polikarpov, Su-Ying Wu

Response to Moras et al.

Journal Article published Jun 2015 in Trends in Biochemical Sciences volume 40 issue 6 on pages 290 to 292

Authors: Fraydoon Rastinejad, Vincent Ollendorff, Igor Polikarpov

Family 1 carbohydrate binding-modules enhance saccharification rates

Journal Article published 25 Apr 2014 in AMB Express volume 4 issue 1

Authors: Bruno Luan Mello, Igor Polikarpov

Average protein density is a molecular-weight-dependent function

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2009 in Protein Science volume 13 issue 10 on pages 2825 to 2828

Authors: Hannes Fischer, Igor Polikarpov, Aldo F. Craievich