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DSS enters into agreement with Memsys for Indonesian market

Journal Article published Aug 2014 in Membrane Technology volume 2014 issue 8 on page 3

Dairy-derived antimicrobial peptides: Action mechanisms, pharmaceutical uses and production proposals

Journal Article published Apr 2014 in Trends in Food Science & Technology volume 36 issue 2 on pages 79 to 95

Authors: A. Sibel Akalın

Phospholipids in pharmaceutical research

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology volume 116 issue 9 on pages 1087 to 1087

Authors: Peter van Hoogevest

Status and Needs in Drying Technology for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Journal Article published Jun 2003 in Food Science and Technology International volume 9 issue 3 on pages 145 to 149

Authors: P. J. Lillford

Drying in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industries

Journal Article published Jun 2003 in Food Science and Technology International volume 9 issue 3 on pages 237 to 243

Authors: M. Guerrero, C. Albet, A. Palomer, A. Guglietta

Bamboo: A rich source of natural antioxidants and its applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Journal Article published Jul 2018 in Trends in Food Science & Technology volume 77 on pages 91 to 99

Research funded by Ministry of Food Processing Industries (V45/MFPI/R&D/2000 Vol.IV) | Department of Biotechnology , Ministry of Science and Technology (BT/475/NE/TBP/20132) | American Bamboo Society and Ned Jaquith Foundation, USA

Authors: Chongtham Nirmala, Madho Singh Bisht, Harjit Kaur Bajwa, Oinam Santosh

Norsesquiterpenes as markers of overheating in Indonesian vetiver oil

Journal Article published 11 Oct 2013 in Flavour and Fragrance Journal volume 29 issue 3 on pages 137 to 142

Authors: Jean-Jacques Filippi

α-Amylase inhibitors from an Indonesian medicinal herb, Phyllanthus urinaria

Journal Article published 23 Sep 2011 in Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture volume 92 issue 3 on pages 606 to 609

Authors: Maria DPT Gunawan-Puteri, Eisuke Kato, Jun Kawabata

Application of isothermal titration calorimeter for screening bitterness-suppressing molecules of quinine

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Food Chemistry volume 190 on pages 1007 to 1012

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (81202474, 81273464, 81473146, 81171786) | Science Bridges China-Changzhou Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology (CE20105006)

Authors: Yifan Zhang, Youwei Zhu, Na Zhao, Jinhui Wu, Yiqiao Hu

Effect of oxygen supply on milk-clotting activity expressed by Paenibacillus spp. strain BD3526

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in LWT - Food Science and Technology volume 82 on pages 437 to 445

Research funded by Shanghai Rising-Star Program (14QB1400200) | Science & Technology Program (16DZ2280600) | Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality | National “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan for Science & Technology (2013BAD18B02)

Authors: Feng Hang, Qinbo Wang, Wei Chen