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ANTHROPOLOGY: Indonesian Chronology

Journal Article published 29 Jun 2001 in Science volume 292 issue 5526 on pages 2399d to 2399

Authors: B. Hanson

Indonesian Place Names

Journal Article published 30 Mar 1951 in Science volume 113 issue 2935 on pages 367 to 367

Authors: A. B. GURNEY

Indonesian divers have evolved bigger spleens to hunt underwater

Journal Article published 19 Apr 2018 in Science

Authors: Elizabeth Pennisi

Seasonal rainfall and Indonesian vegetation

Journal Article published 19 Jun 2014 in Science volume 344 issue 6190 on pages 1355 to 1355

Authors: H. J. Smith

How the Himalayas primed the Indonesian tsunami

Journal Article published 25 May 2017 in Science volume 356 issue 6340 on pages 794 to 794

Authors: Paul Voosen

Coral Reef Death During the 1997 Indian Ocean Dipole Linked to Indonesian Wildfires

Journal Article published 15 Aug 2003 in Science volume 301 issue 5635 on pages 952 to 955

Authors: N. J. Abram

GEOLOGY: Indonesian Mud Volcano Unleashes a Torrent of Controversy

Journal Article published 2 Feb 2007 in Science volume 315 issue 5812 on pages 586 to 586

Authors: D. Normile

ASIAN TSUNAMIS: Model Shows Islands Muted Tsunami After Latest Indonesian Quake

Journal Article published 15 Apr 2005 in Science volume 308 issue 5720 on pages 341a to 341a

Authors: R. A. Kerr

Parotoid Secretions of Indonesian Toads

Journal Article published 1 Jun 1962 in Science volume 136 issue 3518 on pages 775 to 776

Authors: F. G. Henderson, J. S. Welles, K. K. Chen

Tools Link Indonesian 'Hobbits' to Earlier Homo Ancestor

Journal Article published 2 Jun 2006 in Science volume 312 issue 5778 on pages 1293 to 1293

Authors: E. Culotta