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Proxy Records of the Indonesian Low and the El Ni{tilde n}o-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) from Stable Isotope Measurements of Indonesian Reef Corals

Report published 31 Dec 1995

Authors: M.D. Moore

Stratification Mixing and Circulation of the Indonesian Seas-Arlindo Phase 1 and 2. Including AASERT: Mixing and Time Variability in the Indonesian Seas

Report published 1 Feb 1998

Authors: Arnold L. Gordon

Improving the Indonesian Interagency Response to Crises

Report published 29 Mar 2007

Authors: Djarot Budiyanto

Indonesian Foreign Policy: Regional and Global Dimensions

Report published 29 Apr 1993

Authors: Sjahrial

Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas

Report published 30 Sep 1997

Authors: Arnold L. Gordon

Informed Questions on Indonesian Political Matters

Report published 1 Jan 2002

Authors: Terry O. Percival

An Indonesian Surveillance and Security System

Report published 1 Apr 1990

Authors: Eko B. Purwanto

Age of an Indonesian Fossil Tooth Determined by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Report published 7 Apr 2004

Authors: JS Bogard

Foreign Firms and Indonesian Manufacturing Wages: An Analysis With Panel Data

Report published Jan 2003

Authors: Robert Lipsey, Fredrik Sjoholm

Foreign Direct Investment and Wages in Indonesian Manufacturing

Report published May 2001

Authors: Robert Lipsey, Fredrik Sjoholm