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Fundamental groups as limits of discrete fundamental groups

Journal Article published 24 Jul 2018 in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (1502483) | J.T. Hamilton Scholarship | Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (EP/K032208/1)

Authors: Federico Vigolo

Fundamental Physical Limitations of the Computational Process

Journal Article published Nov 1984 in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences volume 426 issue 1 Computer Cult on pages 161 to 170


Involvement of human sciences as well as physical and biological sciences needed in physical research

Journal Article published Mar 1996 in Physiotherapy Research International volume 1 issue 1 on pages 65 to 66

Authors: Katherine Shepard

Fundamental physical constants

Journal Article published Jan 1994 in Concepts in Magnetic Resonance volume 6 issue 1 on pages 68 to 68

III.: Some fundamental observations on the physiological response to physical work

Journal Article published 24 Apr 2009 in Acta Medica Scandinavica volume 131 on pages 20 to 22

ThePPP-CI scheme as a fundamental physical model

Journal Article published Apr 1990 in International Journal of Quantum Chemistry volume 37 issue 4 on pages 497 to 508

Authors: Giuseppe Del Re

Fundamental Limits of Shaking a Baby

Journal Article published 23 Mar 2018 in Journal of Forensic Sciences

Authors: Richard J. Reimann

4th European Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Journal Article published 12 Nov 1997 in Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology volume 11 issue 6 on pages 603 to 603

Controversies concerning thymus-derived regulatory T cells: fundamental issues and a new perspective

Journal Article published 28 Jul 2015 in Immunology and Cell Biology volume 94 issue 1 on pages 3 to 10

Research funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/J013951/1) | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Career Acceleration Fellowship (EP/G007446/1)

Authors: Masahiro Ono, Reiko J Tanaka

The relationship between perceived physical competence and fundamental motor skills in preschool children

Journal Article published 9 Dec 2010 in Child: Care, Health and Development volume 37 issue 4 on pages 589 to 596

Authors: Leah E. Robinson