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International Focus Group Research

Monograph published 2007

Authors: Monique M. Hennink


Monograph published 15 May 2015

Authors: Wolfgang Maret

Integrated Information and Computing Systems for Natural, Spatial, and Social Sciences

Monograph published 2013

Editors: Claus-Peter Rückemann

Financial analysis of health programs / Ministry of Health, Management Sciences for Health.

Monograph published 1997

Center for Plant Health Science and Technology national programs : Integrated Pest Management and Eradication.

Monograph published 2004

Authors: United States.

Afghanistan health sector support project : abstracts of 19 key documents / Management Sciences for Health.

Monograph published 1994

Planning sustainable health services in Afghanistan / Management Sciences for Health.

Monograph published 1994

International Trade Theory and Policy: A Zimbabwean Integrated Approach

Monograph published 2016

Authors: Clainos Chidoko, Janemary Magonde

Quarterly reports, Afghanistan Health Sector Support Project, Management Sciences for Health / prepared by Yusuf Ghaznavi, William D. Oldham.

Monograph published 2012

afghanistan health sector support project quarterly report april 1 - june 30, 1989 management sciences for health

Monograph published 2000