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Experimental investigation and radial basis function network modeling of direct evaporative cooling systems

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer volume 126 on pages 139 to 150

Research funded by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) (7110495)

Authors: Kadir Kavaklioglu, Mehmet F. Koseoglu, Oguz Caliskan

A city scale degree-day method to assess building space heating energy demands in Strasbourg Eurometropolis (France)

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Applied Energy volume 184 on pages 40 to 54

Research funded by French National Center for Scientific Research | Agence Nationale de la Recherche | European Union | ZAEU Alsatian regional interdisciplinary research and inter-agency network | REALISE Alsatian regional network

Authors: M. Kohler, N. Blond, A. Clappier

Mechanical and structural characterizations of gamma- and alpha-alumina nanofibers

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Materials Characterization volume 107 on pages 119 to 124

Research funded by Eesti Teadusfondi (9007, JD162) | COST Action MP1303 | European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (TK114) | ITMO International Research Laboratory Program

Authors: Mikk Vahtrus, Madis Umalas, Boris Polyakov, Leonid Dorogin, Rando Saar, Maret Tamme, Kristjan Saal, Rünno Lõhmus, Sergei Vlassov

International Aviation Security Research and Development

Journal Article published 1994 in Journal of Testing and Evaluation volume 22 issue 3 on page 267

Authors: DR Petersen, PA Polski

Application of acoustic emissions in machining processes: analysis and critical review

Journal Article published 20 Jun 2018 in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Research funded by Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (CA) | International Scientific Partnership Program ISPP at King Saud University (ISPP# 0059)

Authors: H. A. Kishawy, H. Hegab, U. Umer, A. Mohany

Thermodynamic analysis of gas flow and heat transfer in microchannels

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer volume 103 on pages 773 to 782

Research funded by Key Basic Scientific Research Program | Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program

Authors: Yangyu Guo, Moran Wang

Enhancement of magnetocaloric properties in (1 − x)La 0.7 Ca 0.2 Sr 0.1 MnO 3 /xLa 0.7 Ca 0.15 Sr 0.15 MnO 3 composite system (0 ≤ x ≤ 1)

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in Materials Research Bulletin volume 95 on pages 211 to 215

Research funded by Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education | Scientific Research and Information and Communication Technology

Authors: A. Ezaami, N. Ouled Nasser, W. Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa, A. Cheikhrouhou

Investigation for the presence of chaos in surface topography generated by EDM

Journal Article published Apr 2018 in Tribology International volume 120 on pages 411 to 433

Research funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (09/096(0833)/2015-EMR-I)

Authors: Ushasta Aich

Influence of preload control on friction force measurement of fabric samples

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Tribology International volume 127 on pages 446 to 456

Research funded by Scientific Research Department of Hacettepe University (FBB-2017-15679)

Authors: Bilsay Sümer

Low cycle fatigue of metallic materials under uniaxialloading at elevated temperature

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in International Journal of Fatigue volume 114 on pages 272 to 281

Research funded by Polish State Committee for Scientific Research

Authors: J. Szusta