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The research of network security technologies

Conference Paper published Aug 2009 in 2009 3rd International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting, Security, and Identification in Communication

Authors: Zhen Wang, Zhijie Liu, Xiaoyao Xie

Research on Communication Security of VCPS

Conference Paper published 2018 in Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Network, Communication, Computer Engineering (NCCE 2018)

Authors: Meifeng Xiao, Lichen Zhang

The Research of the Network Security Situation Prediction Mechanism Based on the Complex Network

Conference Paper published Dec 2015 in 2015 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN)

Authors: Shouxin Sun

Computer network forensics research workshop 2005 "defining network forensics"

Conference Paper published 2005 in Workshop of the 1st International Conference on Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks, 2005.

The Analysis of Information Security of Campus Network of Scientific Research

Conference Paper published Nov 2014 in 2014 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks

Authors: Shi De-Qin, Lin Qin-Ying, Zhong Qi-Yuan, Li Qiu-Ni

The application research of Cookies in network security

Conference Paper published May 2013 in PROCEEDINGS OF 2013 International Conference on Sensor Network Security Technology and Privacy Communication System

Authors: Bo Li, Shen-juan Lv, Yong-sheng Zhang, Ming Tian

Research on Trusted Programming Technology in Information Security

Conference Paper published May 2012 in 2012 International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies

Authors: Jian-ping Cai, Wen-ying Xu

Research on Network Security Collaborative Early-Warning Based on Multi-agent

Conference Paper published Sep 2013 in 2013 Third International Conference on Instrumentation, Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control

Authors: Chen Junhua

Research on Evaluation Technology of Communication Network Management System

Conference Paper published May 2009 in 2009 International Conference on E-Business and Information System Security

Authors: Zhongqiao Zheng, Yanhong Zhang

The Network Security Issue of 3G Mobile Communication System Research

Conference Paper published 2010 in 2010 International Conference on Machine Vision and Human-machine Interface

Authors: Wenqiong Yu