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Network requirements for scientific research: Internet task force on scientific computing

Report published Aug 1987

Authors: B.M. Leiner

Cyber Security Research Frameworks For Coevolutionary Network Defense

Report published 3 Dec 2015

Authors: George D. Rush, Daniel Remy Tauritz

Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders: An Introduction

Report published 2004

Authors: Research and Scientific Affairs Committee

The network security center

Report published 1978

Authors: Frank Heinrich

Distributed Network Management Security,

Report published 1 Jan 1997

Authors: Paul Meyer

DOE Integrated Security System (DISS) preliminary communication security analysis

Report published 1 Oct 1993

Authors: D.J. Sweeney

The Human Dimension of Network Security

Report published 18 Mar 2004

Authors: Dennis A. O'Brien

Network Security For Trade Shows

Report published Jul 1997

Authors: A. Gwinn

Internet Draft Distributed Network Management Security,

Report published 1 Feb 1997

Authors: Paul Meyer

Network and communication

Report published 1 Apr 1987

Authors: Zohreh Parsa