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Paracrystalline Structure of Glass-Like Carbons

Journal Article published 3 Mar 2016 in International Journal of Applied Glass Science volume 7 issue 3 on pages 355 to 363

Research funded by FORSZT | European Social Fund

Authors: Karolina Jurkiewicz, Stanisław Duber, Andrzej Burian

Designing the corrosion products of ZnAl15: a new approach to smart corrosion protection coatings?

Journal Article published Dec 2017 in Corrosion Science

Research funded by German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (0325672 C)

Authors: Kirsten Bobzin, Mehmet Öte, Martin Andreas Knoch

The Czochralski Method - where we are 90 years after Jan Czochralski’s invention

Journal Article published Dec 2007 in Crystal Research and Technology volume 42 issue 12 on pages 1150 to 1161

Authors: G. Müller

Mathematical Modeling and Mechanism of VUV Photodegradation of H2S in the Absence of O2

Journal Article published 27 Jun 2018 in International Journal of Photoenergy volume 2018 on pages 1 to 8

Research funded by Development of Social Science and Technology in Dongguan (2017507101426)

Authors: Jian-hui Xu, Bin-bin Ding, Xiao-mei Lv, Shan-hong Lan, Chao-lin Li, Liu Peng

Temperature dependence of deformation mechanisms and tensile strength of a new Ni-Fe-base superalloy

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Materials Characterization volume 142 on pages 101 to 108

Research funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017M623213) | Shaanxi Provincial People's and Social Welfare Department (2017031) | Science Foundation of Huaneng Power International Inc. (ZA-17-HKR01) | China Huaneng Power International Inc. (HNKJ17-H10)

Authors: P. Zhang, Y. Yuan, Y.F. Gu, Y.Y. Dang, J.T. Lu, X.B. Zhao, J.C. Wang, C.Z. Zhu, C.X. Fan

Effect of carbon and microalloy additions on hot-stamped boron steel

Journal Article published 21 Jun 2017 in Materials Science and Technology volume 33 issue 16 on pages 1964 to 1977

Research funded by European Social Fund

Authors: T. Taylor, G. Fourlaris, A. Clough

Physical Layer Security in 5G Based Large Scale Social Networks: Opportunities and Challenges

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Access volume 6 on pages 26350 to 26357

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61701503, 61471100, 61101090, 61571082) | MOST Program of International S&T Cooperation (2016YFE0123200) | Science and Technology on Electronic Information Control Laboratory (6142105040103) | Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (ZYGX2015J012, ZYGX2014Z005)

Authors: Yuan Gao, Su Hu, Wanbin Tang, Yi Li, Yunchuan Sun, Dan Huang, Shaochi Cheng, Xiangyang Li

Recommendation With Social Roles

Journal Article published 2018 in IEEE Access volume 6 on pages 36420 to 36427

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61472335, 61472333)

Authors: Dugang Liu, Jie Huang, Chen Lin

The Social Function of Science

Journal Article published 13 Aug 2018 in Crystallography Reviews on pages 1 to 5

Authors: John R. Helliwell

How social science should complement scientific discovery: lessons from nanoscience

Journal Article published 27 Apr 2018 in Journal of Nanoparticle Research volume 20 issue 5

Research funded by National Science Foundation (ECCS 1542015, SES1540244)

Authors: David M. Berube