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Longitudinal and torsional vibrations of size-dependent rods via nonlocal integral elasticity

Journal Article published Nov 2017 in International Journal of Mechanical Sciences volume 133 on pages 639 to 650

Research funded by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (31541311223) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (51605172) | Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (2016CFB191)

Authors: Xiaowu Zhu, Li Li

Friction of threaded fasteners

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Tribology International volume 118 on pages 408 to 420

Research funded by European Social Fund

Authors: W.A. Grabon, M. Osetek, T.G. Mathia

Synthesis and Characterization of Sphere-like Pt Nanoparticles Supported on DWCNT/WO3 Nanorods with Electrocatalytic Activity

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Journal of Materials Science & Technology volume 31 issue 9 on pages 888 to 894

Research funded by Science and Technology Major Project in International Cooperation (2008C14040) | Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province (Z4100790) | International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of China (2010DFB63680) | Department of Educational, Science & Technology, and Human Resources & Social Security of Jiangxi Province (GJJ12366, 20122BAB216013, 20121BBE50027, [2012]195) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (51202095, 51264010)

Authors: Yanhong Yin, Chun′an Ma, Ziping Wu, Man Zhao, Litao Chen, Youqun Chu

The development of invention and rationalization, an important condition for hastening scientific and technical progress

Journal Article published Jun 1974 in Glass and Ceramics volume 31 issue 6 on pages 379 to 382

Authors: V. I. Dobuzhinskii, V. V. Panteleev

Visible light photocatalytic property and mechanism of peroxy bond incorporated layered H 4 Nb 6 O 17 niobate

Journal Article published May 2018 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 746 on pages 68 to 76

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (51502163) | Keypoint Research and Invention in Shaanxi Province of China (2017GY-186) | Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (BJ15-20)

Authors: Xingang Kong, Quan Lu, Jianfeng Huang, Li Li, Jiarui Zhang, Xing Wang, Jiayin Li, Yong Wang, Qi Feng

Computational assessment of the allowable static contact loading of a roller-slewing bearing׳s case-hardened raceway

Journal Article published May 2015 in International Journal of Mechanical Sciences volume 94-95 on pages 174 to 184

Research funded by European Union, European Social Fund | Slovenian Ministry of Education, science and sport (operation Researchers at the beginning of their careers)

Authors: Peter Göncz, Miran Ulbin, Srečko Glodež

Towards a cyber-physical-social-connected and service-oriented manufacturing paradigm: Social Manufacturing

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Manufacturing Letters volume 7 on pages 15 to 21

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (71571142, 51275396)

Authors: Pingyu Jiang, Kai Ding, Jiewu Leng

Temperature dependence of deformation mechanisms and tensile strength of a new Ni-Fe-base superalloy

Journal Article published Aug 2018 in Materials Characterization volume 142 on pages 101 to 108

Research funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017M623213) | Shaanxi Provincial People's and Social Welfare Department (2017031) | Science Foundation of Huaneng Power International Inc. (ZA-17-HKR01) | China Huaneng Power International Inc. (HNKJ17-H10)

Authors: P. Zhang, Y. Yuan, Y.F. Gu, Y.Y. Dang, J.T. Lu, X.B. Zhao, J.C. Wang, C.Z. Zhu, C.X. Fan

Loading path dependent distortional hardening of Mg alloys: Experimental investigation and constitutive modeling

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in International Journal of Plasticity volume 90 on pages 76 to 95

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (51401178, 51531002, 51474043) | Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (E2015203009) | Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the P. R. China (CG2014003004) | Hebei Education Department (BJ2016054)

Authors: Baodong Shi, Yan Peng, Chong Yang, Fusheng Pan, Renju Cheng, Qiuming Peng

Analytical, numerical and experimental analysis of the relationship between two rollers axes distance and the contact zone

Journal Article published Oct 2017 in International Journal of Mechanical Sciences volume 131-132 on pages 722 to 727

Research funded by National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (2011/03/B/ST8/06478) | European Social Fund | Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna

Authors: Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, Marek Pawlikowski, Yuriy Pyryev