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Science and Social Economics

Journal Article published 29 Jul 1933 in Nature volume 132 issue 3326 on pages 149 to 151

National Reference Library of Science and Invention

Journal Article published Jun 1960 in Nature volume 186 issue 4729 on pages 934 to 935

Research and Invention in the United States: Report of the National Science Foundation

Journal Article published May 1952 in Nature volume 169 issue 4307 on pages 830 to 831

Business Marketing and Its Transformation with the Insertion of Social Networks

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2018 in Indian Journal of Science and Technology volume 11 issue 25 on pages 1 to 5

Authors: Juanys Chiquillo Rodelo, Remedios Pitre Redondo, Hugo G. Hernandez Palma, Faculty of Social Work, University of La Guajira, Faculty of Social Work, University of La Guajira, Faculty Economics, University of the Atlantico

Invention and Research

Journal Article published Aug 1958 in Nature volume 182 issue 4631 on pages 275 to 277

Equity and Economics

Journal Article published 2 Jan 1981 in Science on pages 1368 to 1368

Authors: W. D. CAREY

Nonquantification in Economics

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1982 in Science on pages 1204 to 1204

Authors: R. A. STALEY

Combining Economics With Biodiversity

Journal Article published 3 Jan 1992 in Science on pages 551 to 551

Vignettes: Foundations of Economics

Journal Article published 7 Jan 1994 in Science on pages 294 to 294

Calendar of Discovery and Invention

Journal Article published 9 Jul 1927 in Nature volume 120 issue 3010 on pages 65 to 65

Authors: E. C. S.