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Looking for Medium-term Conservation and Development Impacts of Community Management Agreements in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Ecological Economics volume 152 on pages 199 to 206

Research funded by Centre for International Forestry Research | Collective Action and Property Rights Initiative of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research | National Science Foundation (DDIG 0622392, 1159440) | Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada | Social Science Research Council; and the Carolina Population Center | National Institutes of Health | NICHD (P2C HD050424)

Authors: Pamela Jagger, Samuel Sellers, Noah Kittner, Ipsita Das, Glenn K. Bush

Estimation of partially specified dynamic spatial panel data models with fixed-effects

Journal Article published Mar 2015 in Regional Science and Urban Economics volume 51 on pages 37 to 46

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (71371118, 71471117) | National Social Science Fund of China (14BJY012) | Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team in University (PCSIRTIRT13077) | State Key Program of National Natural Science of China (71331006) | Social Science Research Fund from Ministry of Education of China (11YJAZH044) | National Institutes of Health (R37 AI054165) | National Science Foundation (DMS-1208978)

Authors: Yuanqing Zhang, Yanqing Sun

The heterogeneous impact of pension income on elderly living arrangements: evidence from China’s new rural pension scheme

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2017 in Journal of Population Economics volume 31 issue 1 on pages 155 to 192

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (R01-AG023627) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (71110107025, 71173227, 71673313, 71233001) | National Social Science Fund of China (13CJY028) | Training Program for Major Fundamental Research of Central University of Finance and Economics (14ZZD001)

Authors: Lingguo Cheng, Hong Liu, Ye Zhang, Zhong Zhao

An empirical analysis of White privilege, social position and health

Journal Article published Sep 2014 in Social Science & Medicine volume 116 on pages 150 to 160

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (DP2 OD006513)

Authors: Naa Oyo A. Kwate, Melody S. Goodman

Factors associated with partner referral among patients with sexually transmitted infections in Bangladesh

Journal Article published Dec 2010 in Social Science & Medicine volume 71 issue 11 on pages 1921 to 1926

Research funded by Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) | National Institutes of Health

Authors: Nazmul Alam, Peter Kim Streatfield, Sharful Islam Khan, Dalia Momtaz, Sibylle Kristensen, Sten H. Vermund

“They arrested me for loving a schoolgirl”: Ethnography, HIV, and a feminist assessment of the age of consent law as a gender-based structural intervention in Uganda

Journal Article published Jun 2012 in Social Science & Medicine volume 74 issue 11 on pages 1774 to 1782

Research funded by Fulbright New Century Scholar (NCS) Fellowship | National Institutes of Health (R01HD41724-01A1) | Yale University International and Area Studies

Authors: Shanti A. Parikh

Advancing Research on Cognitive Processes in Social and Personality Psychology

Journal Article published May 2017 in Social Psychological and Personality Science volume 8 issue 4 on pages 413 to 423

Research funded by National Science Foundation (0955410, 1230281) | National Institutes of Health (R03DA033455)

Authors: David J. Johnson, Christopher J. Hopwood, Joseph Cesario, Timothy J. Pleskac

Bucking social norms: Examining anomalous fertility aspirations in the face of HIV in Lusaka, Zambia

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Social Science & Medicine volume 119 on pages 88 to 97

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (1R01HD058359-01) | Consortium for Research on Unsafe Abortion in Africa | UK Department for International Development | Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (20488)

Authors: Ann M. Moore, Sarah Keogh, Megan Kavanaugh, Akinrinola Bankole, Chishimba Mulambia, Namuunda Mutombo

The Impacts of China's Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance on Healthcare Expenditures and Health Outcomes

Journal Article published 3 Nov 2015 in Health Economics volume 26 issue 2 on pages 149 to 163

Research funded by Shanghai Pujiang Talents Program (12PJC049) | Fogarty International Center | National Institutes of Health (R01-HD30880, DK056350, and R01-HD38700) | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Carolina Population Center | Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention | Key Laboratory of Mathematical Economics (SUFE) (201301KF01) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (71203133) | Chinese Ministry of Education Research Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (12YJC790067) | National Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety

Authors: Feng Huang, Li Gan`

Social participation and older adults' sleep

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Social Science & Medicine volume 149 on pages 164 to 173

Research funded by National Institute of Aging (NIA) (R01AG042164, R37AG030481, R01AG033903-01, P30AG012857) | Basic Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Opportunity Network (OppNet) | National Institutes of Health

Authors: Jen-Hao Chen, Diane S. Lauderdale, Linda J. Waite