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Fulton and the Economics of Invention

Journal Article published Dec 1944 in Political Science Quarterly volume 59 issue 4 on page 578

Authors: Joseph Dorfman

Japan and the Economics of Invention: A meeting on innovation was dominated by discussion of how the United States can shore up its international competitiveness

Journal Article published 12 Apr 1985 in Science volume 228 issue 4696 on pages 157 to 158

Authors: E. MARSHALL

The Farm Problem: A Challenge to Social Invention

Journal Article published 1 Nov 1960 in American Journal of Agricultural Economics volume 42 issue 4 on pages 811 to 826

Authors: P. Dorner

Paul Lazarsfeld and Applied Social Research: Invention of the University Applied Social Research Institute

Journal Article published 1979 in Social Science History volume 3 issue 3/4 on page 4

Authors: Allen H. Barton

International Social Reform and the Invention of Development

Journal Article published 2016 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Guy Fiti Sinclair

Reflections on the economist and health economics in an international setting

Journal Article published Jan 1993 in Social Science & Medicine volume 36 issue 2 on pages 137 to 141

Authors: Ralph Andreano

Post Keynesian economics and international policy coordination

Journal Article published Jan 1993 in The Social Science Journal volume 30 issue 2 on pages 163 to 179

Authors: John T. Harvey

The Economics of Science and the Science of Economics

Journal Article published 1 Apr 1974 in Russian Social Science Review volume 15 issue 1 on pages 34 to 55

Authors: L. Gliazer

Social Science as Civic Discourse: Essays on the Invention, Legitimation, and Uses of Social Theory.

Journal Article published 1994 in PsycCRITIQUES volume 39 issue 11

Authors: M. Brewster Smith

Science, Invention and Society

Journal Article published May 1937 in The Social Studies volume 28 issue 5 on pages 197 to 201

Authors: Waldemar Kaempffert