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Influence of post−deposition heat treatment on the properties of electrodeposited Ni−Mo alloy coatings

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in Applied Surface Science volume 462 on pages 432 to 443

Research funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Wrocław University of Economics (501−110−K3−200000020) | Department of Advanced Material Technologies (0401/0200/17)

Authors: A. Laszczyńska, W. Tylus, B. Szczygieł, I. Szczygieł

Crystalline silicon solar cells with micro/nano texture

Journal Article published Feb 2013 in Applied Surface Science volume 266 on pages 1 to 4

Research funded by Bureau of Energy of Ministry of Economics

Authors: Dimitre Z. Dimitrov, Chen-Hsun Du

Density functional periodic study of the dehydrogenation of methane on Pd (111) surface

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in Applied Surface Science volume 286 on pages 115 to 120

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21376186) | Ministry of Education (20110201110032) | China and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (08141002) | International Cooperation (2011jdhz37) | Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (2012JM2010) | Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China (19900001)

Authors: Zhao Jiang, Lu Li, Jie Xu, Tao Fang

Dielectric properties and thermal destruction of poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in Applied Surface Science volume 305 on pages 67 to 76

Research funded by European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (230790) | European Union (European Social Fund–ESF) | Greek National Funds | European Social Fund | Research Funding Program: Aristeia

Authors: M.V. Galaburda, P. Klonos, V.M. Gun’ko, V.M. Bogatyrov, M.V. Borysenko, P. Pissis

Preparation of La doped ZnO ceramic nanostructures by electrospinning–calcination method: Effect of La3+ doping on optical and photocatalytic properties

Journal Article published May 2019 in Applied Surface Science volume 476 on pages 16 to 27

Research funded by European Social FundEuropean Social Fund | InoMatPol | Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation

Authors: Petronela Pascariu, Mihaela Homocianu, Corneliu Cojocaru, Petrisor Samoila, Anton Airinei, Mirela Suchea

Metal–polymer nanocomposites based on Ni nanoparticles and polythiophene obtained by electrochemical method

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Applied Surface Science volume 352 on pages 95 to 102

Research funded by European Social Fund

Authors: Petronela Pascariu, Anton Airinei, Mircea Grigoras, Loredana Vacareanu, Felicia Iacomi

Tailoring fly ash activated with bentonite as adsorbent for complex wastewater treatment

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in Applied Surface Science volume 263 on pages 753 to 762

Research funded by European Social Found | Romanian Government

Authors: Maria Visa

Titanium alloy nanosecond vs. femtosecond laser marking

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in Applied Surface Science volume 259 on pages 311 to 319

Research funded by European Social Found and Romanian Government

Authors: Stefan Rusu, Aurelian Buzaianu, Laura Ionel, Daniel Ursescu, Dan Gelu Galusca

Glass fibres reinforced polyester composites degradation monitoring by surface analysis

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Applied Surface Science volume 358 on pages 518 to 524

Research funded by European Social Fund

Authors: Catalin Croitoru, Silvia Patachia, Adina Papancea, Liana Baltes, Mircea Tierean

Layer-by-layer assembly of antibacterial composite coating for leather with cross-link enhanced durability against laundry and abrasion

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Applied Surface Science volume 458 on pages 978 to 987

Research funded by National Key Point and Invention Program of the Thirteenth (2017YFC1104601) | Key Technology Support Program of Sichuan Province (2016SZ0004, 2017SQZX0010, 2018SZ0174) | Support Program of Sichuan University-Luzhou City (2017CDLZ-S02) | China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017T10698) | Innovation Project of Sichuan University for Undergraduate (20171042)

Authors: Jun Xiang, Li Ma, Hui Su, Junjie Xiong, Kaijun Li, Qiongfen Xia, Gongyan Liu