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Journal Article published 1998 in Topics In Catalysis volume 6 issue 1/4 on pages 27 to 39

Authors: Irena Akhrem

The influence of electrogalvanic device on scaling

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2013 in Open Chemistry volume 11 issue 5

Authors: Marjana Simonič, Irena Ban

Determination of flumequine and doxycycline in milk by a simple thin-layer chromatographic method

Journal Article published Oct 1999 in Journal of Chromatography B: Biomedical Sciences and Applications volume 734 issue 1 on pages 7 to 14

Authors: Irena Choma, Dorota Grenda, Irena Malinowska, Zdzisław Suprynowicz

Determination of uranium in technological waters by ion-pair liquid chromatography

Journal Article published Oct 1991 in Talanta volume 38 issue 10 on pages 1093 to 1097

Authors: Irena Jančářová, Hana Křížová, Vlastimil Kubáň

UV spectrophotometric investigations of biologically active maleic anhydride copolymers

Journal Article published Jul 1994 in Talanta volume 41 issue 7 on pages 1133 to 1135

Authors: Irena Baranowska, Jolanta Maślińska-Solich, Celina Pieszko

Decolorization rate of dyes using lignin peroxidases of Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Journal Article published Mar 1999 in Chemosphere volume 38 issue 6 on pages 1353 to 1359

Authors: Helena Podgornik, Irena Grgić, Anton Perdih

Formation of singlet oxygen during farmorubicin oxidation

Journal Article published Sep 2001 in Chemosphere volume 44 issue 7 on pages 1565 to 1571

Authors: Irena Kruk, Teresa Michalska, Aleksandra Kładna

Löslichkeit von Nickel-Zink-Ferriten in Säuren

Journal Article published Jul 1973 in Monatshefte für Chemie volume 104 issue 4 on pages 1040 to 1044

Authors: Irena Okońska-Kozlowska

Phase equilibria in the system CePO4K3PO4K4P2O7

Journal Article published Feb 2005 in Solid State Sciences volume 7 issue 2 on pages 189 to 194

Authors: Irena Szczygiel

Relation between carbide precipitation and intercrystalline corrosion of stainless steels

Journal Article published Jan 1970 in Corrosion Science volume 10 issue 12 on pages 875 to 881

Authors: VladimíR Ĉíhal, Irena Kašová