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Efficacy of Pefloxacin in the Treatment of Patients with Acute???Infectious Diarrhoea

Journal Article published 2003 in Clinical Drug Investigation volume 23 issue 9 on pages 591 to 596

Authors: Biserka Troselj-Vukic, Ivica Poljak, Irena Milotic, Irena Slavic, Nebojsa Nikolic, Miro Morovic

Glioblastoma Multiforme Stem Cells

Journal Article published 2011 in The Scientific World JOURNAL volume 11 on pages 930 to 958

Research funded by Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia (175092)

Authors: Irena Dimov, Deasanka Tasic-Dimov, Irena Conic, Vladisav Stefanovic

Ovarian Epithelial Cancer Stem Cells

Journal Article published 2011 in The Scientific World JOURNAL volume 11 on pages 1243 to 1269

Authors: Irena Conic, Irena Dimov, Desanka Tasic-Dimov, Biljana Djordjevic, Vladisav Stefanovic

Nutritional Quality of Meals in Nursing Homes and Meals on Wheels for Elderly Persons in Croatia

Journal Article published Jan 2006 in Nutrition and Health volume 18 issue 2 on pages 119 to 125

Authors: Irena Colić Barić, Zvonimir Šatalić, Irena Keser

Content validity and clinical applicability of the Irena Daily Activity assessment measuring occupational performance in adults with developmental disability

Journal Article published May 2003 in Occupational Therapy International volume 10 issue 2 on pages 127 to 149

Authors: Irena Dychawy-Rosner, Mona Eklund


Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Retina volume 35 issue 12 on pages e76 to e77

Authors: Ryan K. Wong, Irena Tsui


Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Retina volume 31 issue 1 on pages 197 to 198

Authors: Irena Tsui, Jean-Pierre Hubschman

Cyanogenic Glucosides In Linum Usitatissimum

Journal Article published Sep 1998 in Phytochemistry volume 49 issue 1 on pages 59 to 63

Authors: Irena Niedźwiedź-Siegień

Journal Article published 1999 in Biotechnology Letters volume 21 issue 7 on pages 625 to 628

Authors: Tomáš Vaněk, Irena Valterová, Radomíra Vaňková, Tomáš Vaisar

Journal Article published 1998 in Journal of Chemical Ecology volume 24 issue 1 on pages 183 to 193

Authors: Oldřich Hovorka, Klára Urbanová, Irena Valterová